Hot Runner Molds


Richfields Corporation has designed and built - also repaired - plastic injection molds that use hot runner system for years. Our skill in manufacturing hot runner molds has been very important to our customers.

Hot Runner is usually used for production with high volume, and also with multi-cavity molds. This is so because many benefits are realized when using hot runner molds. Listed below are just some of them:

Clamping Pressure can be lower

Cooling time is faster

Cycle time is faster

Energy consumption lowered

Injection gates are on better locations

Injection Pressure can be lower

Injection process is cleaner

Labor costs for removing the part from the mold and separating runner scrap from the part are eliminated

Output increased

Overall profitability increased

Possibility of contamination is lessened with no runners

Possibility of producing the parts using smaller injection machines

Problems on nozzle freeze or sprue sticking are eliminated

Production costs are reduced

Production steps are shortened

Quality of the plastic part is better

Regrinding is eliminated

Resin costs are lowered

Runner scrap eliminated or reduced

Runner weight reduces shot size

When you are ready to use a hot runner mold, feel free to Contact Us. Based on experience, our customers would sometimes require a specific brand of hot runner system. We are flexible in this regard and can accommodate the brand of hot runner that will be specified by our customer. Some brands of hot runners that we are familiar with include:



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