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This Terms of Use Agreement constitutes a valid, binding contract between you and Richfields Corporation Limited, a China limited corporation that specializes in providing plastic molds and other products to customers. The owner and operator of the site have made the site accessible through this website. All merchandise and services are provided by Richfields Corporation Limited, subject to your compliance with the terms of this agreement. Your use of the site signifies your utmost acceptance of this agreement, as it may be adjusted on a timely basis. Please read this agreement carefully as it forms a binding contract between you and Richfields Corporation Limited. You may even print your own copy of this agreement for documentation purposes.

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Your use of the site is at the sole discretion of Richfields Corporation Limited, which may deny you further use of the site at any given time due to various circumstances and with or without cause. In addition, your use of the site and any transactions that may be made through it do not entitle you for continuous use.

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  1. Impersonating any person or entity; falsely state information provided or affiliation with any third party.
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This site may contain links to third-party websites, many of which are not under control of Richfields Corporation Limited. As such, it is important for you to note that Richfields Corporation Limited is not responsible for any near-accuracy or similarities in the content provided by third-party websites, particularly the products and services they offer. In providing these links to you as the site's visitor, it is not to assure you of that site's overall standing and performance nor is it any form of recommendation for the site's use. Provision of these links to third-party websites are purely for your convenience.

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By reading this agreement, you agree to defend, indemnify, and/or hold completely harmless Richfields Corporation Limited from and against all claims, damages, costs, and expenses; including without limitation, claims based upon negligence of Richfields Corporation Limited, arising from your use of the site, the content, and any third-party website linked to this site.

Disclaimer of Warranties

With all that has been said in this agreement, you expressly understand and agree with the following:

  1. Your use of the site is at your own risk, meaning any form of inconsistency and inconvenience is still apparent with the site. In any case, this is to state that with whatever happens to the site, while you may not necessarily be held accountable, certain scenarios may be unpredictable at times. Hence, the constant risk.
  2. Richfields Corporation Limited makes no warranty or assurance that:
    • Your use of the site will be uninterrupted at all times.
    • Explanations of products and services offered by the site are being accurate.
    • The quality of the products you avail for, as well as the services, will meet your expectations.
  3. Any form of data gathered from the site is done at your own risk and of your own volition.


Richfields Corporation Limited has the right and authority to change, revise, modify, or amend this agreement at any given time. Upon posting on the site, any change, revision, modification, and/or amendment shall be effective immediately.

In the event of the agreement’s modification, you as the site’s visitor, will be bound by it however and whenever updates have been made. This also gives you the decision to either continue using the site for your own purposes or not.

Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Richfields Corporation Limited with respect to your use of the site. Everything in this agreement shows that there will be no other warranties, terms, agreements, or conditions that will be imposed other than what was written on this agreement.


If any provision of this agreement is deemed unlawful, void/voidable, or insufficient for any reason, then that term of use shall be deemed void from this agreement, effective upon decision.


Richfields Corporation Limited has the right and authority to terminate your right to use the sight, with or without cause at any time in its sole discretion. This includes, without limitation, your violation of this agreement, unlawful distribution of the site’s content, inaccurate or false information provided from your end, and lack of use. In the event of termination, all promises, indemnifications, warranties, and representations shall survive.

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If you wish to contact RichfieldRichfields Corporation Limited for more inquiries, feel free to contact them through the following:

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