Mold Manufacturers in China Identifying a Reliable Company for Your Brand

Mold Manufacturers in China: Identifying a Reliable Company for Your Brand

By Carter Kho

In the past few years, China has developed to become the biggest producer of injection molds while simultaneously being the largest consumer of plastics in the globe. Many mold manufacturers in China saw many industries flocking to avail their services. The large potential that can be utilized by manufacturing products with mold manufacturers in China can be greatly enjoyed by those who choose their services in the forefront of transforming their ideas into products.

The Chinese tool market remains strong in its capabilities and structure with companies being diverse which their target audience greatly employs. A long-term partnership with mold manufacturers in China will translate into great benefits for your product because the business environment in the country offers innovation, reliable process designs, and an unmatched organizational structure.

The custom plastic injection industry in China for injection molded plastic parts are innovative and cost-effective at the same time. High-quality solutions for clients’ custom design projects are the main key in a mold manufacturer’s company vision. The various aspects of plastic injection and mold making require the durability in terms of design and functionality.

China has been holding its rank as a leader in the plastic injection mold industry and rightfully so because they thrive even in times of turmoil. A great example is their country’s economic slowdown. Their plastic injection industry remained unshaken despite this trial because of their efforts toward consumption, investments, services, and innovation. This is why quality products were derived from the latest technology which attracted investors and partners in turn.

Not to mention that the competition is tight among mold manufacturers in China. Every company claws their way into the consumer’s good graces by offering the best quality for their product. Because of this, mold manufacturers race to acquire the latest technologies for production in order to make quality injection molds for their clients. This is why China produces the best plastics in the world, both in quality and quantity.

Their strong line of customers can attest to that. How often would you see a plastic product and see that it is “Made in China?” Quite often, right? This is because the demand for plastics does not decline which makes plastic injection molding a healthy industry both in the economy of China and its partner countries.

By investing in a partnership with a mold manufacturer in China, not only will you get your money’s worth but you will be rewarded with the best quality products and services. Read more about the injection molding industry in China below:

What Do You Need to Know About Mold Manufacturing in China?

What Do You Need to Know About Mold Manufacturing in China?

Figures say a lot about mold manufacturers in China. The injection molding companies can be equated by these numbers:

  • 40 kg – annual plastic consumption per capita in China
  • 25.8% – world total of Chinese plastic exports
  • US$17.5 billion – the amount that Chinese plastic industries exported
  • 30,000 – mold manufacturers in China
  • 220 – employees in Chinese Injection Mold Manufacturers

Being the largest plastic producer in the world, China is responsible for nearly one-fourth of the global plastics production. In the year 2012, approximately 58 million tons of plastic products came from Chinese manufacturers, with the total sales value amounting to 1.65 trillion Yuan.

An incredible fact about this is that most of the operating revenue comes from small private companies rather than the large state-owned companies. Their sales skyrocket to enormous amounts, they are valued at 812 billion Yuan. This is why foreign investment in the Chinese plastic industry increases significantly especially when China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Molds used for producing clients’ product contribute to a higher percentage of the industry’s status as a prime manufacturing tool. The negotiation based on the terms of your requirement is greatly agreed upon even before you give them a heads up with the production. This is because mold manufacturers in the country plan ahead in the realization of your idea.

Mold manufacturing in China has become more complex and this translates to products becoming complex as well. The market for injection molds value China as an important exporter, with their markets in Hong Kong, USA, and Japan continuously thriving.

The plastic industry does not show signs of slowing down with the prediction that global plastic production in China will rise to 300 million metric tons by 2025. These illustrate the continued growth in the potential of the Chinese plastics market.

How to Find a Good Mold Maker in China

How to Find a Good Mold Maker in China?

The number of mold makers in China grows exponentially every year. So how can you separate the reliable ones from those who are not up to the standard? Choosing the right mold maker for your product would be quite difficult but when you establish a healthy partnership with a good mold manufacturer, you will find that the production of your products will run smoothly. It will be worth the difficulty of finding a good mold maker.

Now, you can use the internet to search for the right molding company but the stream of websites will be overwhelming for you so to narrow it down, these are the things you need to consider when you’re looking for a good mold maker in China:

  • Do Not be Fooled by Advertisements

Let the capabilities of the molding company speak for themselves. Seek the company that has decades of experience in plastic production so you will be at peace throughout the whole process. Expect quality customer service from a good mold maker. More than this, think about long-term goals. If you don’t see yourself becoming partners with them for a long time, then why bother?

Identify the difference between producing your product and manufacturing it with quality. Of course, you will be inclined to choose the latter and a good mold maker will deliver that to you. Separate their words from their actions and their promises from execution.

  • Check if They Offer Prototyping Services

A good mold maker takes care of your idea and turns it into quality outputs. Request prototypes to test your product’s assembly compatibility or if you just want to see how the part will look. Prototyping will lower the risk of a wasted investment and a reliable molding company understands that.

Prototyping is a way of making a finished product without building a tool by means of machining. This way, you can have a sample of how your part will look, feel, and function. This will mean lesser costs for you because a greater cost will derive from building a tool right away.

  • Scout Probable Locations for a Good Molding Company

An efficient mold maker is located in a strategic location like Dongguan. This is because the location will provide better means towards the quality of your product. Being located in a good location means achieving convenience because you are near raw materials and other special resins that are readily available nearby.

This doesn’t mean that a location such as this compromises the competitiveness of the company. It means that it will push their services forward especially when they have decades of experience in the industry. Their up-to-date facilities will set them apart from the competition and not just their location.

  • Make Sure that They Make Molds Related to Your Product

Quality management system is important in manufacturing a product but before all of this, you have to be sure that the molding company caters to your requirements. This is to lessen the risk of having an issue in the middle of the production. Choose a mold maker that is a one-stop; one who can provide additional services that will benefit the manufacturing of your product.

The professionalism and commitment of the mold makers to fulfill your product requirements will show in their services offered. Innovating technologies are also a plus. This will mean that you can form a long-term business relationship with them.

Which industries benefit from Mold Manufacturers in China

Which industries benefit from Mold Manufacturers in China?

As China is the most powerful contender in plastics, industries flock to avail of their services. Multiple industries employ the benefits of plastic injection molding and they are:

  • Automobile
  • Domestic Appliance
  • Agriculture
  • Building
  • Electrical-Electronic
  • Light
  • Military Industry
  • Medical and Dental Industry
  • Toys
  • Construction
  • Shoes

Both businesses and consumers receive the benefits of a partnership with a molding company. Because of the high demand for it, mass production is a trend in the plastics industry. New technologies help in making quality products at a faster pace and the industries reap the outputs from a molding company in China favorably.

Mold manufacturers in China are an investment magnet, this is because of the long-term increase in sales stemming from the manufactured product of these companies. Even with trials such as an economic slowdown, the plastic industry quickly adapts and it continues to move forward. There is even a prediction that the increasing demand for plastic will continue to rise until 2021. The demand will increase up to 21.1 million tons for that year. To meet this demand, China develops new trends which will cater to the requirements of their consumers.

Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Development Trends

Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Development Trends

The pace of lifestyle in the world today is heavily influenced by technology and its advantages. This is also true in the Chinese plastic industry. The Chinese government proves this by devising a program for industrial upgrading.

This program is called “Made in China 2025,” which aims to triple the use of industrial robots in manufacturing and similar processes. By 2020, the program targets to have 150 robots for every 10,000 human workers. Today, their number only goes up to 49. This is in contrast to Germany’s 69 and the United States’ total of 176, according to the International Federation of Robotics in Germany.

The Chinese plastic industry is undergoing a comprehensive shift from quantity to quality, which means that the future development of this industry will focus on technological innovation with eco-friendly concepts. Automation is accepted in all businesses in China as the days go by. Factories will greatly benefit from this because the demand for labor there is high.

Robots, which will help in the production process, will significantly contribute to the ease and efficiency without compromising the ability of human workers. This is also a great reason to alleviate the problem of overworking in human workers and it is a great alternative since the demand for plastic manufacturing from China increases in a tremendous manner every day.

Injection molding companies, which use this technology to their advantage, see a big growth in sales because of this integration which will triple their growth in 5 years’ time. This way, they can also allocate their human resources to significant departments and it will also help their budget in the recruitment of manpower.

This will do wonders for the quality of the products since better machines will produce better products, not only this but they can produce them swiftly as well. China will benefit from this because the production process will become faster and more efficient. Production time will be shorter and the production capacity will increase by several times with a high-quality mold.

Where to find the Best Mold Manufacturer in China?

Richfields Corporation Limited will guarantee a great partnership for consumers and businesses alike. A partnership with the best mold manufacturer in China means that you will be able to receive top of the line and durable products. The company’s manufacturing facilities deliver this to the best of their capabilities which will be a great fulfillment to your product requirement.

Founded in 2001, the company is organized by multiple investment groups from Hong Kong, along with individuals who are equipped with decades of manufacturing experience in China.

Not just about the number of products which they produce at over 300 molds per year primarily for export, Richfields offers a wide array of services coupled with superior customer service. With our wide product offering, reliable secondary services, the possibilities in turning your idea into a product will be endless. Our company makes sure to give the best quality to our clients and their branding.

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