China Injection Molding

How can a China injection molding company like Richfields help you in plastic manufacturing? From everyday plastic items to custom plastic prototypes, plastic has become a popular material for all kinds of items.

Richfields Plastics is a world-class China injection molding company that can export molds to the USA and other countries. If you’re looking for a world-class plastic manufacturer, you found the right place here at Richfields!

Different China Injection Molding Processes

China is a global manufacturing hub, and injection molding is one of the key manufacturing processes in which the country excels. With its advanced technology, expertise, and competitive pricing, China has become a leading player in the injection molding industry.

Thin wall molding

Thin wall molding is one of the China injection molding processes used to produce plastic parts with thin and lightweight walls. The process involves injecting molten plastic material into a mold cavity at high speed and pressure. The plastic material then solidifies in the mold, taking on the shape of the cavity to form the final part.

Thin wall molding is commonly used in applications where lightweight and low-cost parts are required, such as in the packaging industry. Thin wall molded parts offer several benefits, including reduced material usage, shorter cycle times, and faster production rates.

Co-injection molding

In this molding process, two or more different materials are injected into a mold cavity simultaneously to produce a single plastic part. This process is also known as multi-material injection molding or sandwich molding.

Co-injection molding is a versatile and innovative plastic injection molding process that offers a wide range of possibilities for the production of complex and high-performance plastic parts.

Gas-assisted injection molding

Gas-assisted injection molding is another of the China injection molding processes that utilize a controlled volume of pressurized gas to create hollow sections or features within a plastic part. This process involves the injection of molten plastic into a mold cavity, followed by the introduction of a high-pressure gas into the plastic melt.

This process requires specialized equipment and expertise and is more complex and costly than traditional injection molding. The process also requires careful consideration of material selection, mold design, and process parameters to ensure optimal results.

Insert molding

During the insert molding process, the pre-formed component is placed in the mold cavity, and the molten plastic material is injected into the mold around the component. The plastic material then solidifies, fusing with the insert to create a single, integrated part.Insert molding is commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics. Examples of insert-molded parts include electrical connectors, threaded fasteners, and medical device components.

Rapid injection molding

Rapid injection molding is a manufacturing process that allows for the quick and cost-effective production of injection-molded parts in low to medium volumes. It utilizes the same principles as traditional injection molding but streamlines the process to produce parts with shorter lead times.

The process typically begins with a 3D CAD model of the part that needs to be produced. The CAD model is then used to create a mold tool, which can be made from aluminum or other materials. The mold tool is designed to be quickly produced and does not require the same level of complexity or precision as a traditional mold tool.

Benefits of China Injection Molding

While China is emerging as a global hub for injection molding services, it offers a range of benefits to companies seeking efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions:

Large-Scale Production Capabilities

With advanced machinery and expertise in the industry today, mold makers excel in producing sophisticated and complex shapes with precision and efficiency, especially for businesses with high-volume manufacturing needs. The scale of operations in China allows for cost-effective mass production that enables businesses to meet substantial demand, while still maintaining quality standards.

China injection molding involves an intricate customization process for casts that are used for molds. And these molds are placed onto molding machines, and are injected with molten plastic – subjected to high pressure to streamline the production of plastic parts boasting complex details. This process ensures efficient manufacturing, ideal for businesses seeking high-quality components for various industries.

Quick Turnaround Times

China injection molding is a preferred choice for companies with time-sensitive production needs for its ability to deliver rapid turnaround times. This molding process significantly reduces lead times that facilitate swift production and timely delivery of molded components.

Companies would not have to worry about this because the fast production of the injection molding services does not compromise the quality of the plastic parts.

Better Product Quality

Injection molding is not something that can be learned by one because of the complexity of the process. Which is why taking advantage of the China injection molding procedure by mold makers could provide you with better-quality plastic products, characterized by precision and rigorous quality control measures.

Manufacturers employ advanced technology and expertise to ensure that molded components meet stringent specifications and adhere to international quality standards. And the injection molding process in China emphasizes precision at every stage — from mold design to the final production, consistently providing high-quality products as the result.

Multiple and Advanced Types of Plastic Parts

The use of advanced machinery and technical expertise of the injection molding industry enable the use of various types of advanced plastics simultaneously, allowing for the creation of complex and innovative components. And by employing co-injection molding techniques, manufacturers can utilize the advanced plastic materials preferred by their customers. This innovative approach allows for the production of plastics with desired textures and strengths, catering to specific requirements.

Why You Should Choose Richfields As Your Plastic Molding Company & Manufacturer

If you’re looking for plastic injection molding services, Richfields will deliver more value for you as a client. Richfields Corporation Limited is a company that specializes in plastic injection molding in China. Since our foundation year in 2001, Richfields was formed through multiple investment groups from Hong Kong. Both support and skill from some of the most experienced plastic manufacturing personnel from China have also developed Richfields into the prime company it is today.

In China, plastic injection molding is one of the most efficient manufacturing methods around, as you can produce quality products through it. However, there are more benefits that manufacturing companies will enjoy from the China injection molding services from Richfields. Here are some of them:

China injection molding services

Key Location In China

China is responsible for a large part of global plastics production. It’s also the leader when it comes to the plastic injection mold industry. That’s why having a partnership with a mold manufacturer in China is helpful if you want the best products.

Because we’re located in China, our injection molding expertise is reliable and time-tested. Our strategic location in Dongguan China provides us with the convenience of having the raw materials nearby.

The competition is tight among mold manufacturers in China, so our company stands out by using the latest technologies and offering world-class customer service. We have years of experience in the plastic injection industry, so you can rely on us for all your China injection molding needs.

Trusted Plastic Molding Company In USA

Because of our expertise as a China injection molding company, we have worked with numerous companies from different countries. We export our products to the US and have worked with clients from Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and others. Aside from that, we’ve also had international clients from Brazil, Europe, UK, and other worldwide locations. Because of this, we have gained valuable experience in working with different companies from different industries.

Trusted Plastic Molding Company In USA

Cost-Effective Solutions

Opting for our China injection molding services offers a significant advantage in cost-effectiveness. Our machinery operates consistently, resulting in fewer defects in the final products. Reduced labor requirements also contribute to cost savings, as fewer personnel are needed to oversee the entire production process. Furthermore, our strategic location in Dongguan, China, allows Richfields to provide competitive pricing that rivals some of the best in the world.

Minimal Waste Production

Richfields' China injection molding services are designed to minimize plastic wastage throughout the production process. Our advanced techniques, including 3D printing and precision CNC machinery, ensure efficient plastic injection molding, reducing scrap rates to a minimum.

Decades of Industry Expertise

With a decade of experience in the plastic injection industry and a staff that collectively boasts decades of expertise, Richfields stands as a leader in the field. Our combination of extensive experience and state-of-the-art facilities sets us apart from competitors, enabling us to consistently deliver high-quality work.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Renowned as a top-tier plastic injection molding company in China, Richfields prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. We have a global reach, exporting molds to destinations such as the UK, Europe, Brazil, and the USA. Our multinational presence allows us to cater to a diverse international clientele, bridging any language barriers and fostering strong communication with our customers.

China Injection Molding Services by Richfields Plastics

Injection molding is a process of manufacturing that involves injecting molten materials into a mold. It’s used in the mass production of identical items. In recent years, China has become one of the largest producers of injection molds. Plenty of businesses from different industries worldwide looked at China injection molding services. If you’re interested, here are some of our capabilities here at Richfields:

Overmolding services


Our overmolding services are helpful when you need to combine different materials with different specifications into one final product. Overmolding is preferred by numerous businesses because it can be used for high-capacity production. Other than that, it’s less prone to defects. This process can be used for making electrical components, auto parts, consumer goods, high-precision plastic parts, and more.

Air Assist

Plenty of businesses around the world are flocking into China injection molding service, called Air Assist. This involves injecting nitrogen gas at controlled high pressure to produce final products with improved surface texture, reduced usage of plastic materials, and faster mold production cycle time.

Air Assist China injection molding service
Rubber molding service

Rubber Molds

If you require injection molds for rubber products, then you found the right place. Rubber molding is a versatile process and can be used to make a variety of inserts — such as bumpers, bushings, grommets, plugs, seals, pads, and many more. Here at Richfields, we have experience working with materials such as TPE and TPV.

Precision Plastics

We are one of China’s injection molding experts when it comes to precision plastics. We only use modern equipment to produce the best products. Backed by our long experience in plastics, we can provide you with your precision plastic mold requirements. From 3D modeling, mold layout designing, production, processing, assembly, and packaging — you can rely on us.

Precision plastic injection molding services
Unscrewing plastic injection molding services

Unscrewing Plastic Injection

Our unscrewing plastic injection molds can be used for the production of internal threaded plastic injection parts. These are widely used to produce automobile industry parts, cosmetics containers, medical supplies, bottle caps and closures, and more. We can work with you on your unscrewing injection mold design.

Hot Runner Molds

As one of the China injection molding companies, we also specialize in hot runner injection molding. Many international companies prefer this type of mold because it can be used for production with high volume and also multi-cavity molds. A hot runner mold produces minimal waste, has a fast cycle time, produces fewer defects, and is also cost-effective.

Hot runner injection molding services
Cold runner injection molding services

Cold Runner Molds

Cold runner injection molding is another molding process used by China. Molten plastic material is injected into a mold through a system of channels or runners that are kept at ambient temperature. The plastic material is then distributed to the mold cavities, where it solidifies and forms the final part. They’re widely used because they’re less complex to work with and have less complicated designs. Cold runner molds are cheaper to produce, can work with a wide variety of polymers, can quickly work with color changes, and more.

Family Mold

Family molds are multi-cavity molds with cavities that can produce different parts for the same product or produce parts that are unrelated. Since one mold contains different parts, time is saved from the repetitive mold setup, and it’s more cost-effective too.

Family molding services

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