What is Precision Plastic Injection Molding?

As mentioned above, it is a highly technical process — ergo, it requires specialized molds and injection molding machines. It differs from conventional injection molding manufacturing in that it is used to develop more complex geometries than the typical machine can make.

Normally, precision plastic injection molding is used to create complex plastic parts and products, which are used to replace high-precision metal parts in various applications.

To do this, this process molds resins in a very particular way, following a very high degree of tolerance. It uses molds that are formed to meet strict design engineering requirements, which allows it to achieve repeatability — even in long production runs.

Complex Plastic Parts

What Sets Richfields Apart From Other Precision Plastic Injection Molders?

Choosing the right injection molding company is key to bringing any specialized or complex design to fruition. The expertise and capabilities of the injection molder will help them create the right mold design and mold conditions to achieve tight tolerances and produce parts consistently and reliably.

Richfields is one such injection molding company you can trust with your precision plastic injection molding project. With over 20 years of experience with dozens of companies in various industries and countries, we can offer the following to our prospective clients:

Plastic Injection Mold Machine

Comprehensive Support

With our years of experience, we have the technical, engineering, and creative expertise needed to provide comprehensive support in every area of your precision plastic injection molding project.

We’re with you every step of the way from start to finish project management. From product design and prototyping, all the way to packaging and logistics, we provide invaluable assistance and innovative solutions throughout the project lifecycle.

Custom Mold Manufacturing

Designing a mold for precision plastic injection molding requires many considerations. From the type of mold base to the type of steel used, there are many variables to weigh during the design process. This is why you should partner with an expert mold manufacturer like Richfields. Our dedicated team will work with you to determine how to best meet your product requirements, and ensure you receive the perfect mold for the job.

Prototyping Services

Not only should the mold be precisely designed — but so should the plastic parts you plan on manufacturing. These should be designed from day one with the precision plastic injection molding process in mind. Doing this will help you best meet your project requirements while also making the molding cycle more cost and time effective.

To help you, Richfields offers prototyping services. This allows us to go through various iterations of your plastic part design and our mold design to find the best version possible. This allows us to keep costs at a minimum as we test your product, and ensures it is perfectly designed once we clear it for manufacturing.

Secondary Operations

Aside from precision plastic injection molding, mold designing, and prototyping services, we offer a wide selection of other production operations. Richfields has additional, value-added secondary services that help you get your plastic products finished and ready to go straight to market. These services include (but are not limited to) post-molding machining, pad printing, assembly, and packaging.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Richfield’s facilities are all ISO 9001 certified and feature state-of-the-art plastic injection equipment. We own machines ranging in size from 65 to 2200 tons, which allow us to accommodate orders for plastic parts of all shapes and sizes — which is why we have had experience in many industries, including medical equipment, industrial tooling, automotive, sports, and consumer goods. We also house an in-house tool shop to perform ongoing maintenance of our client’s molds, which ensures we provide accurate and high-quality products for our clients over the years.

What are the Applications of Precision Plastic Injection Molding?

While normally used to replace precise metal parts in certain applications, this molding process can be used to create a wide variety of products. Any plastic product that has complex geometries needs to be high quality, and is used for specialized purposes can be made with this molding service.

For example, plastic optic lenses are delicate and difficult to make, so precision molding is the production method of choice. The same can be said for the manufacturing of many medical products, such as surgical devices, hearing aid, custom implants, and the like. This method is also often used in the automotive industry to create components like sensors, fuel injection connectors, car multimedia, ECU housings, and more.

As you can see, the possibilities are nearly endless with Richfield’s precision plastic injection molding services.

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Application

Receive Valuable Precision Plastic Injection Molding Services From Richfields!

Richfields is an ISO-certified plastic injection molding company that is highly experienced in many molding fields — including precision plastic injection molding. We have the expertise and capabilities to not only create complex and high-quality products for you, but to perform a variety of secondary and finishing operations all under one roof. Contact us today, and you’re guaranteed cost-effective and highly valuable services from start to finish of your project!