Frequently Asked Questions

Richfields is registered in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
We are on our 18th year; we started August of Year 2000.
Mold Making and Injection Molding are the core businesses of Richfields, but we do have equipment we use for secondary processes such as plastic painting, printing, electroplating, hot-stamping, and final assembly.
Yes, we do accept OEM, as long as they are within our capabilities.
At present, 80% of our molds are built for export to US, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Taiwan, and Japan.
Majority of our export tools are export to US.
We have 3 CNC machines, 11 EDM machines, 2 wire cut EDM, lathe, milling, and polishing equipment in our tool shop.
We have 22 units of injection machines with sizes ranging from 90 tons to 450 tons, CMM for 3D dimension check, 2 painting lines, hot-stamping, pad printing, and silk screen machines
15 to 20 tools for average sized tools. It also depends on the complexity of the tool.
At present, the biggest tool we made has the mold size: 800mm x 2000mm x 900mm - this is a tool for a car bumper
Depending on the complexity and size of the tool, but for standard size and standard design tool, the lead time is 30 to 35 days. Please note that lead time starts from the time the customer confirms the mold layout up to T1 date.
Our payment terms as follows: 50% deposit upon issuance of Purchase Order (PO), and 50% balance after sample confirmation, or after we present shipping documents to the customer.
Unless customer specifies otherwise, we usually purchase from LKM, this is the largest mold base manufacturer in China.
We have 10 Engineers at present.
We need at least: 2D or 3D file of the part, mold requirement (such as number of cavities, required mold material if any, required gating system if any), and plastic material to be used.
Yes, we sign NDA form upon review of said form by Richfields authorized personnel.
We are a Hong Kong company and we strictly follow the rules in Hong Kong law and regulations. We’ll gladly provide you with client references so you can know more about our company, and our service quality.
Yes, we can provide references for customers from US, Italy, UK, Brazil, Russia, France.
Richfields currently employs 200 staff.
Sales revenue for year 2009 was at US$ 2.57 Million.
Richfields is ISO9001 certified.
Richfields can build a wide range of mold types, including: Multi-cavity or high cavitation tool, multi-insert, insert molding, mold with hot runner system, over-molding, tools with multi-slides, unscrewing molds, and large tools for: car bumper, containers, and tables and chairs.
Yes, Richfields can build hot runner tools.
YUDO hot runner system is used most of the time.
Yes, YUDO hot runner has international warranty.
Usually Richfields tools are shipped by sea, since air freight costs are more expensive. However, this would depend on customer’s lead time requirements. If they need the tool to be in their dock sooner, we would be instructed to do air shipment.
Yes, we have ready forwarder who can quote shipping costs, both for air and sea shipments.
No, there is no MOQ, but it is one of the industry standards that when you order the lower quantity, the per piece cost is higher.
Yes, normally we ship 5 pieces of samples for free.
The customer pays for the shipping cost, usually customer’s account number with FEDEX, UPS or DHL is given to us, so we can charge the courier cost to the customer.
Please pay us through wire transfer, we will provide you with our bank information in Hong Kong.
For more information, please email us at or give us a call at +86-130-58533382.
Quotation lead times vary depending on the product complexity. Simpler products manufactured in the U.S. will require 1-3 days to quote. More complicated projects like OEM projects will take one to two weeks
Richfields uses PRO-E or Solid works
It takes around 40 days, including local land transportation.
We have an FTP site where you can upload the files. Please email us at to get our FTP site and access procedures.
Yes! 80% of Richfields tools are made for export to US, Germany, Brazil, France, Italy, Taiwan, and Japan. We can also provide you our export client references, please contact us at
Price of a tool depends on its size and complexity, and is therefore not a fixed amount. Please email to 2D or 3D images of your product, and we shall reply to you within 48 hours.
Richfields has a tool shop and plastic injection facilities located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. This makes us very efficient since everything is located under one roof. Faster response and turnaround times are achieved.
A multi-cavity tool means having more than 1 piece of the same part in one shot of the tool. In contrast, a family tool is a tool that contains many different parts in the same tool. To know more, please email us at
Yes, we can send to you prototypes of your products prior to building the tool, contact us now for a quote!
Insert molding is also known as over molding. It is when you put an “insert” in the mold before plastic injection, such that the output is a plastic covering the insert. Just send us your drawings and we’ll let you know if you require insert molding for your products.