Family Tool Plastic Injection Molding

Family Mold

Family Tool Plastic Injection Molding is another cost-efficient solution for today's manufacturers who are seeking to improve their production productivity output without having to sacrifice quality. This is made possible by designing the injection tool so that one mold contains different parts of a product.

What Is Family Tool Injection Molding?

The family tool injection mold is a kind of multi-cavity mold where each cavity produces different parts of the same product. The parts produced by the different cavities may also be unrelated, they can belong to the same product line or to the same project.

The Benefits Of Family Tool Injection Molding

Another reason to use family molds is when the production quantity is not very high in volume. This way, our customers can manufacture more than one part in one production cycle since two or more parts are produced in every shot.

When the different component parts of a product are produced using the same raw plastic material, then all the more reason to use family molds. Not only do you save on expenses in having an additional mold base, you also save on production hours! Time is saved from repetitive mold set up and multiple production cycles.

Trust In Expert Family Tool Injection Molding Services by Richfields

Richfields' plastic injection molding facilities are equipped to separate the different parts post-production. Our production capacity versatility helps customers realize many benefits that not only save on monetary costs but also time and effort.

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