Richfields Standards

Insert or over molding is used when the design of your products needs to combine materials with different specifications into one finished product. It is used when a single shot is not enough for the complexity of the product. The finished product of an insert molded or over molded part is a single piece with plastic molded around the insert. This is done by incorporating the insert into a tool and then over-molded to form the final part. The insert used in over molding is usually made of metal or plastic. Richfields can do insert over molding for customers who require it in the application of Specialized plastic or metal Inserts and threaded inserts. This technology is actually very cost effective, since it lessens future assembly costs. With the benefits of insert over molding, it has become popular in the market over the years.

Note that not all designs of plastic parts are readily manufactured using over molding, and insert over molding requires more diligence, expertise and experience from the mold makers. We at Richfields have been trained to help you resolve above-standard, complicated and large over-molded parts. We would be glad to assist you from product design up to manufacturing feasibility of your products, making sure your products are manufactured according to their intended use. For a quote, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.