Full-Service Injection Molding Company In The USA: Richfields Plastics

Richfields Plastics

Are you in need of a production partner to elevate your business’ manufacturing, distribution, and design? Our injection molding company in the USA has all the right tools and expertise to get the job done. Richfields Plastics provides full-service injection molding.

With more than 200 specialists and engineers working in our dedicated injection molding factory, we consider our mold division to be our biggest asset. More than half of all the molds that we manufacture undergo international exportation to countries like the US, Brazil, Italy, France, Japan, UK, and Germany. If you’re looking for an offshore injection molding company in the USA, Richfields Plastics has the capacity, molding equipment, and production capabilities to fulfill high tolerance requirements.


Our Injection Molding Services

Richfields Plastics’ injection molding company in the USA will support the entire lifecycle of whatever plastic molding project. During the entire lifecycle of your projects, our molding capabilities allow you to transform your product concept or idea into reality.

Run by an in-house team of equipment operators, technical project managers, engineers, and designers, we have all the available resources to build parts, work on existing tooling, produce plastic parts in bulk, and build and models needed.

Supported by a well-established and mature business model, we can support plastic mold manufacturing for a variety of materials used by our clients. Whether it’s PVC, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, or any suitable plastic material. Allow our plastic injection molding services to fulfill your business demands in any capacity.

Our Molding Services


Injection Molding

More than 45% of our plastic-molded products are shipped internationally. This is thanks to a manufacturing facility committed to mold-making processes like wire cutting, drilling, milling, EDM (electrical discharge machining), and CNC (computer numerical control) machining. Before any injection molding process commences, we conduct mold flow analysis to address any potential problems according to predicted behaviors of the tooling, mold, and raw material during production.



Many of our clients will request injection mold prototypes as a way of assessing and testing the compatibility of assembled parts or to determine the appearance of the finished plastic part when manufactured through injection molding. With the understanding that you’ll have to invest a lot when coming up with a new product, our prototyping services in China are a way of minimizing such risks and lowering costs. We do this by building a mock-up through CNC machining. This way, we can determine the behavior once molded and provide you with a concrete sample of your product’s design and functionality.


Tool Manufacturing

In order to create a high-quality molded plastic part that meets your expectations regarding form and function, we conduct tool manufacturing. This ensures that your injection mold design will meet product and equipment specifications, functionality, operational constraints, raw materials, and any operational constraints present.At our injection molding company in the USA, our skilled team identifies any potential issues on part geometry or tolerance that may result in less-than-ideal conditions. We also evaluate all physical and chemical properties of the resins used so that we can better facilitate the building of the correct mold tooling.



Part of our secondary injection molding services in the USA involves the assembly of finished plastic parts. Our assembly services cover basic to complex designs and have served a number of industries in healthcare & wellness, food & beverage, consumer goods, electronics, automotive, audio manufacturing, and many more.To ensure that your finished plastic product retains its original design during quality assurance and distribution, we conduct material assembly by providing both mechanical and metal parts. With our assembly services, we guarantee the use of only industry-standard trends and technologies in injection molding for the best possible outcomes.

Partner with the Best Injection Molding Company in the USA: Richfields Plastics!

Established more than 20 years ago in Hong Kong by individuals with exhaustive experience in manufacturing, Richfields Plastics has since evolved into the most trusted injection molding company in the USA.

Ever since our inception as a molding firm, we have been steadfast with the belief of providing only the best and quality-manufactured injection mold plastic parts. We make this possible through a mature business model and customer-centric service. Currently, we house a number of tooling, molding, and manufacturing facilities in China, allowing us to focus our efforts on superior quality products and unparalleled expertise.

Whatever you may need — assembly, plastic injection molding, gas-assist manufacturing, mold flow analysis — we can make it happen. Contact us now and request for a quote. Experience exceptional customer service firsthand only with our injection molding company in the USA.