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Nozzles for plastic injection molding

Understanding the Different Types of Injection Molding Processes

By Carter Kho | April 2020

What are the different types of injection molding processes? Metal Injection Molding Overmolding Insert Molding Gas-Assisted Injection Molding Thin Wall . . . Read More

Close up of thermoplastic of different colors

Benefits Of Thermoplastics In Injection Plastic Molding

By Carter Kho | April 2020

What are the benefits of thermoplastics in injection plastic molding? Availability of Material High Degree of Accuracy Cost-Effective Efficient Surface . . . Read More

A man holding a bag of plastic bottles for recycling

How To Minimize Waste Being Sent To Landfills

By Carter Kho | April 2020

How can you minimize waste being sent to landfills? Donate Your Toys Make Use Of Containers Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle . . . Read More

Graphics of plastic kitchenware

Strategies In Maintaining Plastic Kitchenware

By Carter Kho | March 2020

What are the ways to maintain plastic kitchenware? Apply rubbing alcohol Add bleach Rinse with hot water Use white vinegar . . . Read More

A stressed engineer

Common Issues in Plastic Injection Molding and How to Prevent Them

By Carter Kho | March 2020

What are the common issues in plastic injection molding? Flow lines Discoloration Flash Warping Vacuum voids Depression marks   Almost . . . Read More

Different plastic cleaning products

Differences Between Thermoforming and Injection Molding

By Carter Kho | February 2020

What are the differences between thermoforming and injection molding? Tooling Comparison Materials Appearance and Functionality Cost   Manufacturing industries across . . . Read More