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Little toy cars of different colors and designs

How to Add Designs and Prints on Plastic Products

By Carter Kho | January 2020

Plastic has become one of the most flexible and versatile materials used in the manufacturing industry. It has the ability . . . Read More

Four plastic hardhats stacked on top of each other on a table

Types of Safety Products Made Using Plastic

By Carter Kho | January 2020

What are the common types of plastic safety products? Sports Helmets Fire Safety Systems Construction Hardhats Medical Syringes   Safety . . . Read More

Plastic caps on medicinal bottles

What is Unscrewing Plastic Injection Molding?

By Carter Kho | January 2020

What is unscrewing plastic injection molding? Produce smaller parts faster Improve product quality Manufacture Products in Bulk Create a Varied . . . Read More

A truck, plane, and logistic containers

Applications of Plastic in the Transportation Industry

By Carter Kho | January 2020

How is plastic used in the transportation industry? Automotive Parts and Accessories Aeronautic Parts and Components Ship and Boat Hulls . . . Read More

An engineer on his laptop

How Mold Flow Analysis Can Improve your Plastic Injection Molding

By Carter Kho | December 2019

How can mold flow analysis improve plastic injection molding? Optimize Gate Positioning Identify and Predict Fill Patterns Predict Part Deformation . . . Read More

Hands hanging an ornament on the Christmas tree

5 Best Christmas Blow Mold Decorations You Can Get for Your Home

By Carter Kho | December 2019

What are the best blow mold Christmas decorations? Blow Mold Santa Blow Mold Snowman Gingerbread Man The Nutcracker Christmas Angel . . . Read More