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Plastic food containers

What Are The Benefits of Plastic Packaging?

By Carter Kho | September 2020

  What are the benefits of plastic packaging? Flexible Lightweight Durable Versatile Compact Resistant to corrosion Cost-effective   Plastic is . . . Read More

A plastic manufacturing machine

What are the Different Types of Plastic Manufacturing?

By Carter Kho | September 2020

  What are the different types of plastic manufacturing? Injection Molding Reaction Injection Molding Thermoforming Extrusion Blow Molding Compression Molding . . . Read More

A person eating from a plastic food storage container

Plastic vs. Glass Food Storage Containers

By Carter Kho | August 2020

  What is the difference between plastic and glass storage containers? Weight Fragility Safety Storage Price Versatility Recyclable Matters   . . . Read More

A person arranging recycling bins

6 Tips For Recycling Plastic Products

By Carter Kho | August 2020

How do you recycle plastic products? Recycle All Plastic Bottles Avoid Plastic Bags Small Items Can’t Be Recycled Encourage Recycling . . . Read More

A man using automated robotics

How The Plastic Injection Molding Industry Will Grow In The Next Few Years

By Carter Kho | July 2020

How will the plastic injection molding industry grow in the future? Better Packaging Slimmer and Lighter Products Robotic Fabrication Robotic . . . Read More

Plastic injection molding machine

Plastic Injection Molding Or Die Casting? The Difference Between A Mold And Die

By Carter Kho | July 2020

What’s the difference between injection molding and die casting? Die Casting Injection Molding Cost-Effectiveness Degree of Accuracy Product Value   . . . Read More