Plastic Mold Maker

Do you need a plastic mold maker for mass producing parts? Richfields is a reputable plastic mold manufacturer in China that was founded in 2001. Since then, we have grown to be a reputable plastic mold making services in China that provides excellent customer service as a plastic mold maker in the USA. With state-of-the-art mold making plastic equipment and machinery, we are able to provide high-quality plastic injection molds.

a mold making machine used by plastic mold makers

What Is Mold Making?

Mold making is a manufacturing process that involves shaping a raw material through a fixed frame, which is known as a mold. The mold is derived from a specific pattern. As the liquid that is poured inside the mold cools down and solidifies, it is removed. The main objective of mold making is to replicate multiple uniform copies of a product.

Injection molding is one of the most popular types of mold making for silicone, rubber, thermoplastic, or liquified raw material items. With this process, the mold is placed inside the injection molding plastic machine, then the liquefied raw material is poured. Once the material becomes solid, the final product is ejected and the process is repeated for large series production.

Importance of Plastic Mold Making

Plastic mold making is an intricate process involving the design and creation of molds that serve as precise templates for shaping molten plastic into specific forms. It is a versatile method of producing plastic parts that covers multiple advantages over other methods of plastic molding.

Precision and Consistency

The molds produced by a plastic mold maker come with a meticulous design, ensuring that each plastic part adheres precisely to the intended specifications. This precision is fundamental in industries where tight tolerances and exacting standards are non-negotiable – whether it be in automotive, electronics, or even in medical sectors.

With plastic mold making, durable and accurately detailed molds can be produced, leading to efficient production processes and superior end products.

Material Efficiency

Plastic mold making emphasizes the significance of reducing waste and optimizing resource utilization through responsible usage of raw materials. This process involves the production of molds that are customized to specific designs, which reduces material consumption. It not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainability.

Speed of Production

The process of molding plastic defines the efficiency and scalability of manufacturing operations, meeting market demands and tight production schedules. It allows for swift and automated production that enables industries to keep up with consumer needs and market trends. This, thus, makes it a more efficient and cost-effective process compared to other methods.

Wide Range of Applications

From healthcare and automotive, to consumer goods and technology, plastic mold making features its capability for versatile applications across diverse industries. This process involves creating customized molds for various shapes, sizes, and functionalities, which brings innovative and functional products to the market.

Qualities to Look for in Choosing a Plastic Mold Maker

While plastic mold making is a complicated process that requires specialized skills to ensure the production’s success and efficiency, it is important to choose a good plastic mold maker to work with. They significantly impact the quality of the product, so it is essential to consider a few qualities that denote a reliable and skilled partner.

Technical Expertise

In-depth knowledge and proficiency is required in the mold making industry. A plastic mold maker with extensive technical expertise demonstrates a deep understanding of various plastic materials, their properties, and the nuances involved in creating molds for diverse applications. This expertise ensures that the molds produced are not only tailored to your specific project requirements but also optimized for the characteristics of the chosen plastic materials.

Attention to Detail

The precision and intricacy required in mold making demand a meticulous approach at every stage of the manufacturing process. A mold maker with a keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of the mold, from the initial design to the final output, meets the highest standards of accuracy and finish.

Strict Quality Assurance

Strict quality assurance serves as a safeguard for a project’s success and product integrity, and it is important that a plastic mold maker embodies this quality. One that is committed to quality control processes instills confidence in the reliability and consistency of their molds, ensuring that every mold produced meets or exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

Quick Lead Times

A good plastic mold maker should also offer fast turnaround times, demonstrate efficient processes, streamlined production capabilities, and a keen understanding of the importance of speed to market — which directly affects your project’s timeline and market responsiveness. While meeting tight deadlines, they do not compromise on quality, demonstrating organizational efficiency and adaptability – both of which are crucial attributes in dynamic manufacturing environments.

Why Choose Richfields Plastics For Plastic Mold Making Services

Richfields is registered in Hong Kong and owning molding facilities in Guangdong Province, China allows us to offer wide product offerings, low-cost molds, quick shipping times, and consistent client communication in many languages. This is why we grew to be the prime and trusted plastic mold-making company. Today, fifty percent of our molds are exported to countries like the U.S.A., Italy, Germany, Brazil, France, UK, and Japan.

The industries we serve include those that fall under the automobile, consumer and houseware goods, rubber, sports, toys, commercial and industrial tools, and personal care sectors.

Whether you need multi-cavity molds, family molds, unscrewing molds, or hot/cold runner molds — Richfields is the plastic mold maker that can cater to all your project needs.

a sample of a material made by plastic mold maker

Types of Mold by Richfields' Plastic Mold Maker

Richfields is a plastic mold maker that can produce a wide range of mold types. Inside our manufacturing facilities, we have 22 units of injection machines with sizes ranging from 50 tons to 2,100 tons. These include units for CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Lathe, CMM, Milling, Hot-Stamping, Pad Printing, And Silk Screening.

From insert molding, overmolding, to unscrewing molds, Richfields can mass-produce the molds you need for your project.

a machine for plastic mold making process

Multi-cavity molds or high cavitation tool

Multi-cavity molds have more than one cavity, or hollow spaces, cut into the mold. Unlike single cavity molds that produce only one item per cycle, multi-cavity molds produce more items per cycle. As a result, multi-cavity molds provide a shorter lead time. These result in the faster completion of more parts from the same mold.

As a top plastic mold maker, our team at Richfields recommends multi-cavity molds for clients that need increased molding capacity and lower piece costs. Our multi-cavity parts molds maintain precision and optimize cycle times.

Family Molds

Family molds are similar to multi-cavity molds because these have more than one cavity in a single mold base. However, their cavities come in different shapes and sizes, making them ideal for prototypes.

At Richfields, we recommend this type of mold for clients that require cost-efficiency and product variation.


Overmolding is a unique type of molding process wherein two or more materials are molded on top of each other. This is the recommended mold type when the product design calls to combine multiple materials with different specifications.

As your injection mold manufacturer, we will utilize this when two-shot molding is needed to meet the complexity of the product. Rest assured our team is trained to be precise when it comes to overmolding.

Hot Runner Molds

Hot runner molds consist of two plates that use a temperature-controlled manifest system. Here, heated components are used to inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold. As a result, hot runner mold greatly reduces runner scrap from the cycle.

As a reputable plastic mold maker, Richfields also has the capabilities to produce hot runner molds. Our hot runner molds benefit clients looking to avoid wastage in cycle times and labor cost, while guaranteeing high-quality plastic products.

Cold runner molds

Cold runner molds consist of two or more plates that also use a temperature-controlled manifest system. The molten plastic is injected into the cavities of the mold. Here, the runners cool the runner, sprue, and gate along with mold products.

Similar to hot runner molds, Richfields also creates plastic cold runner molds. Cold runner molds have been widely used for molding due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to accomodate design alterations.

Unscrewing molds

Unscrewing molds are used to produce threaded products. As a prime plastic mold making services provider, Richfields Corporation has decades of experience producing unscrewing plastic injection molds. Unscrewing molds are recommended for clients that require high volume output, while minimizing damage on threads of plastic parts.

Choose Richfields as Your Plastic Mold Maker and Benefit From Top-Quality Service!

When you choose Richfields as your plastic mold maker, you will benefit from top-quality services, efficiency, and reliability. Our team has more than a decade of expertise producing a wide array of plastic molds.

At Richfields, we ensure that our customers are satisfied. That’s why we maintain high manufacturing standard quality. Richfields Corporation is ISO certified and we follow rigorous procedures, including moldflow manufacturing. Entrust Richfields with your molding needs!