About Us

Richfields Corporation was founded in 2001 between several private investment groups from Hong Kong along with individuals with decades of manufacturing experience in China. The majority of the company is now held by a private investment group out in Hong Kong.

Richfields focus has consistently been customer service and providing its customers the best response times coupled with quality products. Initially founded as an injection molder, in 2004 Richfields began producing molds in China for its clients internationally. Richfields currently produces in excess of 300 molds per year primarily for export, or to be run at its China facility.

Owning tooling and molding facilities in China allows Richfields Corporation to offer the most competitive prices in the world. Superior customer service coupled with competitive pricing, a wide product offering, good communication in many languages is why Richfields has been able to grow rapidly while maintaining its product quality. Send us your request for quote and experience our customer service first hand.

Why Choose Richfields


Strategic Location in Dongguan, China

Location of Richfields factory is said to be the best of both worlds - convenience of having raw materials and other special resins readily available nearby, without compromising competitiveness.


One-Stop Service Provider

Injection Mold Making and Injection Molding are all under one roof.


Decades of Experience in the Industry

Richfields has been in the plastic injection industry for 10 years now. Before that, Richfields staff were in the same industry for decades. Experience combined with up-to-date facilities really set us apart from competition.


Professionalism and Commitment

We always go one step further in ensuring that our customers are very satisfied with Richfields products and services. We believe that building and maintaining long-term business relationships is through for value of money. Please click here to check out what our customers are saying about us!


Exporter of Injection Molds to US, Europe, UK, Brazil, and other countries

Through the years of exporting molds to US, Europe, UK, Brazil, and other countries, our experience with conforming with different standards are invaluable. Some of these standards include DME and Hasco, among others.


Manufacturer and Producer

Richfields helps you realize cost saving because customers deal directly with a manufacturing company. More importantly, we manufacture the molds and the plastic parts. Our opinion always takes into consideration the manufacturing circumstances that are