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Creating amazing shapes and forms of a product through molding is what Richfields is best known for. We are a world-class molding company in China known for our excellent customer service, high quality products, and prompt delivery times. Our facilities are advantageously positioned in China to source the best resources and labor. Thanks to this, we can offer competitive prices to our clients as well. Our product and service diversity shows that our company is a world-class molding company in China that can cater to various international clients.

Quality mold fabrication process

Assured Standards and Quality

When you outsource your plastic production, you don’t want to work with an injection molding company that focuses solely on meeting your volume demand without any quality insurance. As a professional mold maker in China, even when we make 100,000 molded products for you and your company, Richfields guarantees that each piece is made precisely to your design.

We take great care in analyzing our machinery and designs before starting the molding process. We also follow rigorous procedures when we inspect the products from our first mold trials.

Richfields is also an ISO and IATF16949 certified manufacturer. This means we uphold our quality management standards throughout the production process. To keep these standards up to date with the latest practices, we welcome key players in other industries into our company.

With ISO-compliant designs, this allows our key plastic molding processes in China to become more effective and cost-efficient. Prior to manufacturing, we ensure that designs for plastic parts and components undergo a mold flow analysis program. With a mature supply chain and a dedicated team of professionals in the plastic-making industry, our molding company in China is able to produce high-quality molds and parts with few defects. Our years of experience in the industry and consistent commitment to quality is a testament to quality mold making at competitive prices for various industries.

We are proud of our stringent policies — we even invite clients to conduct company audits of our facilities. Take a look at our Quality Standards page to learn more about how we uphold quality as a top molding company in China.

An Extensive Plastic Product Portfolio

Whether or not you believe in “letting your work speak for you,” there is no doubt that it provides a clear record of a company’s performance. Taking a look at the portfolio of a molding company in China will give you an idea of their product and service quality, experience, and specialties.

Richfield’s portfolio is extensive and varied, showing that we have plenty of experience as a molding company in China. We offer a wide variety of home and safety products, along with custom-made molds which can be used for many items.

Aside from our staple products, we have also produced numerous molds and molding tools for clients all over the world. Our mold division in particular sets us apart from other plastic injection services in China — it is one of our biggest strengths as a company. Half of our products are sourced by clients from the U.S., Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the U.K. — which shows our capacity to meet global standards.

Finished plastic injection molded products
Mold maker and injection molding tools

Injection Molding And Various Expanded Services

A molding company in China can stand above other competitors in the global market thanks to their expertise. However, not all of them will have the specialized services a client may need. This is caused when a facility lacks the appropriate equipment and skills to provide such services.

At Richfields, however, we constantly look for new ways to provide expansive services to our customers. Thanks to this continued effort, we are able to add new metrology, mold-making, and plastic injection machines to our repertoire (take a look at our full list here!). We have several capabilities that put us at the top of the plastic molding industry. As of now, we offer plastic injection mold design and repair on top of our manufactured products. We have complete facilities from CNC to drilling all located under one roof.

Our mold flow analysis and prototyping programs are part of our service — with this technology, we ensure that potential problems are caught in the early stages of our molding process. We also offer secondary services, such as painting, plating, welding, assembly, and even custom packaging to our clients. This makes us one of the most professional, quality-oriented, and high-precision molding manufacturers in China.

Mold Design

Making exceptional mold designs is our forte. As such, Richfields ensures that our designs accommodate the features you desire, and meet the necessary design elements to create high-quality parts. With our team of experienced engineers and designers, we are capable of working with a variety of resins, structures, and mold types.

Mold Design
Custom Mold Making

Custom Mold Making

One of our preferred molding services in China is custom mold making. Aside from assisting with your mold design, we can also create them in-house. We can also build these molds from CAD, prints, and samples from your company. Your custom-made molds can be used in our in-house molding process to streamline your production. Or, your molds can also be made to fit your machine’s specifications and be shipped from our factory to yours.

Hot Runner Molds

We also have the capabilities of designing, building, and repairing hot runner molds. This is particularly useful for clients whose productions are high volume or require multi-cavity molds. Hot runner molds are also used to hasten cycle times, lower labor costs, and ensure high-quality plastic parts. Our molding services in China have years of experience backing up their skill. Services dealing with hot runner molds is vital and we have served a vast number of customers in this area.

Hot Runner Molds
Cold Runner Molds

Cold Runner Molds

Similar to hot runner molds, Richfields is also proficient in designing, building, and repairing cold runner molds. Cold runner molds have been used in our molding company in China for years due to their cost-effectiveness, lower maintenance expenditures, and production capabilities. Additionally, they can be easily changed, updated, and repaired — allowing us to make quick design alterations if need be.

Family Mold

For clients seeking to improve cost-efficiency and productivity output without sacrificing quality, we offer the option of making family molds. In this, we create a multi-cavity mold that is capable of producing different parts of the same product. Using this, the injection molding process is greatly expedited, and we can reduce your tooling costs.

Family Mold

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