Important Factors that Affect the Price of Injection Mold Parts

Important Factors that Affect the Price of Injection Mold Parts

By Carter Kho

What should you consider for injection molding costs?

  1. Part complexity
  2. Mold configuration
  3. Part material
  4. Surface finish
  5. Factory location


Injection molds in China are relatively cheap to get but that doesn’t mean the price of having your product manufactured by these companies is inexpensive. Injection molding in China is very popular especially as a supplement for electronics or for straight up products.

That being said, companies are still somewhat perplexed on how they can lower the costs of going for injection molding. Mold manufacturers in China have gone and added the phase of educating their clients on how to lower the costs of injection molding.

This is because it not only benefits their clients, but it also makes sure that the processes involved in injection molding are all as efficient as they can be. Take a look at the following considerations that will help you alter the price of injection molding.


Part Complexity

Part complexity

To put it simply, the more complicated your part, the more expensive it will be. The more basic it is, the cheaper it will cost. The fundamentals of your plastic part, it’s base structure, plays a huge role in how it will be made.
The complexity of its design will have a huge role in the costs of the machine.

For example, parts that will require undercut features will be more expensive because the cost of tooling is high. Another cause for high tooling costs is if you want corners to be sharp and very distinct. When the formation of the part needs higher precision, it will also end up with higher costs.

Remember: the more complex your plastic part is, the more machining will be done. On the other hand, the more complex the mold, the longer it will take. Basically speaking, there will be a lot more to do when your plastic part has a few complicated portions.


Mold Configuration

The molds used in injection molding are usually made of steel. Different types of steel in that matter depending on the plastic material used. Some plastic materials behave differently when they make contact with particular types of steel. Often there are reactions between the steel and the liquidized form of plastic.

Making sure that these reactions are avoided should be vital to the efficiency of the process.The life of the mold will also affect the cost of the material used in making the molding machine. The more durable the steel that you choose, the longer the mold’s life will be and the more expensive its cost.


Part Material

Part material

One of the most important things to consider in injection molding is the type of plastic material used for it, particularly the resin. These are also a big factor that affects the cost of plastic injection molding. It’s very important that you choose the right resin for your product since it makes up your product.

You have to keep in mind the quantity of the parts, other additive compounds, molding temperatures, availability of the resin, its grade and its color when selecting one.


Surface Finish

In China, injection mold manufacturers know how important the type of finish you want is to the total cost of the products. A high-quality finish would usually be done manually which will need more labor and in turn, cost higher. Meanwhile, if you’re fine with just the machine finish, you won’t have to worry too much of its cost.

The choice of surface finish solely depends on the purpose of the product. If you want it to give additional aesthetic value, then a hand-done finish will be important. Keep in mind that manual finishes will also help cover up the little imperfections, if any, that happen on your plastic parts. Other benefits include improved paint and sticker adhesion and improved trapped gas escape from your plastic.


Factory Location

Factory Location

The location of the manufacturing plant is relevant to the cost of plastic products. Because of the transportation and shipping costs that it will require. However, these are not the only concerns when it comes to the location.

Some mold manufacturers have off-site factories. These will require additional shipping and handling costs.
The simplest way to calculate this expenditure is by asking the manufacturers themselves. They should be transparent enough to provide you with a rough outline and calculation of the transport and/or shipping costs.


Key Takeaway

Plastic injection molding is not cheap. Injection molding in China is a large industry but you’ll be surprised to know that cost-effective solutions are what they can commit for you. Create a partnership with one of the best mold makers today!