Injection Molding China: Custom Molding Tips

Injection Molding China: Custom Molding Tips

By Carter Kho

What are the custom molding tips that you should know about?

  1. Work closely with the engineering team
  2. Be knowledgeable about the different types of molding
  3. Test the mold for product accuracy and functionality


When it comes to injection molding in China, custom molding is one of the most in-demand service that plastic manufacturers offer. The benefits that this service can serve for your business are tremendous since it provides freedom in design and manufacturability. However, it is important to note that custom injection mold makers will evaluate the complexity of your project, further refining the level of customization available.

With custom molding, the engineering and design support would be greatly aided by specific requirements, therefore making room for successful product manufacturing. Get to know some tips for custom injection molding here so you could use them for your next project and ensure that it would be a successful one!


Work closely with the engineering team

Work closely with the engineering team

From the conception to the execution of the project, working closely with the engineering team should be pretty self-explanatory but let this serve as a gentle reminder. As a business owner, it would be easier to relay the design and the functionality of the project, but in order to ensure that these would be followed, you should try immersing yourself in the entire production process. Doing this would result in the best practices to aesthetically align the design with branding and produce a high-quality product together.

Custom and complex solutions from Chinese mold factories are loyal to the development of the plastic parts. This means that component innovation would be made possible because of the common practices from injection mold suppliers like mold flow analysis. Correct molding would eliminate some material issues which will promote compatibility with the requirements and the overall goal of the project.


Be knowledgeable about the different types molding

Custom capabilities from plastic manufacturers leave a more personalized experience for the client. Fulfilling the vision for the product without compromising material flow or functionality would be easy because the expected outcomes from custom injection molding are all critical. With that said, being knowledgeable about the different types of molding will allow you to adjust your needs according to the injection mold tooling offered. Here are some of them:



  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding


This type of injection molding makes use of a thermoplastic polymer which changes to a liquid state when it is subjected to heat. It can be remitted to the same state after it has cooled into a solid part. This is great if you are going with prototyping first before the actual part production.



  • Overmolding


This process is also called two-shot molding because it is made possible by covering a mold over another substance such as metal. Using this type of injection molding improves the performance and durability of a product.



  • Insert Molding


Quite similar to overmolding, insert molding is a process that combines two or more components in order to come up with a single finished product. This type of plastic injection molding happens when a component is inserted into an injection mold cavity and the plastic material is then filled around the insert, therefore, adding strength to a product.



  • Cold Runner Injection Molding


Cold runner molds make use of a sprue to fill the runners that inject plastic resin into the mold cavity. This process from injection molding significantly reduces waste because of its capability to recycle and regrind the material. Take note that this function can also increase the total cycle time.



  • Hot Runner Molds


Hot runner molding happens when heat is used to melt plastic resin then the material is sent through a gate to fill the mold cavity. You can choose between externally heated runner molds or internally heated. Choosing this type of molding will allow better control of the material flow.


Test the mold for product accuracy and functionality

Test the mold for product accuracy and functionality

Once all the processes are in order, checking everything again would allow you to achieve your intended results. Molds are then tested for accuracy and functionality to make way for the approval of the parts from the mold works it is subjected to. If there is a problem with the product evaluation, ask to make the necessary modifications to move forward to the completion of the project.

The engineering and design support is aided by analytical tools and dozens of molding process technologies but remember that your specifications are the main requirement for the custom molding. The complexity of the plastic injection molding designs is made possible by the efforts and time put in by the injection molding China team that you would choose. To accurately achieve the product design, monitor the key stages from product development to the appropriate processes required so you are sure to receive optimal results in production.


Key Takeaway

The best way to maintain product integrity is to make sure that the service of custom molding is greatly upheld. Make use of the tips mentioned above so you can enhance the products that you are going to use for your business. With the end result in mind, this would all be a breeze.