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Reasons Why You Should Use Plastic Injection Molding in Electronics

Reasons Why You Should Use Plastic Injection Molding in Electronics

By maigne | 27 Feb 2019

What are the reasons why you should use plastic injection molding in electronics?

  1. Device protection
  2. Design versatility
  3. Weight and strength
  4. Minimal waste


Plastics of many kinds have become rather popular in the world today. Everywhere you look at, you’ll probably find a plastic product. Even the very phone you’re using or the laptop you’re working on will surely have at least a few components made out of plastic.

When it comes to manufacturing plastics, companies focused on injection molding in China are your best bets. The country is famous for its plastic products, both in large scale retail plastic items and in customized, product-specific products. That being said, some top clients of every molding company in China are electronic brands. These are appliance and device developers that rely a lot on the customization and reliability of plastic injection molding to create essential components.

All electronics company should have a molding company as one of their partners because they need plastic technology for a lot of their custom parts. Not to mention a few other benefits that they gain by partnering up with them. Take a look at these reasons why electronics developers need to partner up with molding companies!


Device Protection

Device Protection

In most cases, companies decide on using a plastic material as the main cover of a device because it lessens the chances of harm to both the item and its user. It may not be as durable as steel or other metal materials, but it will surely provide more than enough protection from a lot of other factors.

First off, plastic prevents some elements of heat and water from entering the inside of an electronic device. Most of the time the base case is supported with a layer of different material so that even dust won’t be able to enter. This will basically ensure that the electronic part of the device is safe from almost everything while it’s well taken care of.

On another note, a plastic cover will also prevent anything inside from getting out, in this case, electric currents.

Have you ever wondered why even though you hold your phone 24/7 you never get any kind of electric shock? It’s mostly because of the plastic cover that encases your phones. Thus, is the importance of plastic in making electrical devices safe for human use.


Design Versatility

Design Versatility

As it was mentioned, electronics companies will benefit greatly by partnering up with molding companies because of the options that they’ll be provided in the long run. Unlike metal, plastic is an incredibly handy material. With the help of injection molding in China, it can be transformed into almost any shape and size. All that it needs is the right mold.

By using plastics for your electronics, multiple small pieces can easily form into one big and durable piece. Or vice versa, depending on what you intend for your product.

Anyone that has worked with an injection molding company will probably say that they were spoiled for options. As long as they were able to create blueprints and have a good idea of what they want their part to look like and be functional, they were provided with an optimized part.

Your design can be as thin or as thick as you want. Everything depends on you as the client, and the injection molding company will do the rest.


Weight and Strength

Weight and Strength

When it comes to electronics, a lot of the weight and the size of the product will depend on the electronic system. So, if the inner workings are already quite heavy, then it would be best to have the cover be as light as possible without sacrificing the overall durability of the product.

That is where plastic comes into play. Some compositions of plastics have very good durability and resistance to scratches and bending while also staying fairly light. By using these plastics, electronics can be as light as possible without cutting out any of the essential components of the whole product.

A great example of this fusion of durability and lightweight can be seen in phone cases. Most of these are fairly durable light, not to mention eloquently designed.


Minimal Waste

Minimal Waste

The difference between using plastic and using metal can be seen largely in the manufacturing process. in China, the injection molding process doesn’t need to cut off any excess material because there’s hardly any to spare. Unlike when using metal or steel which would normally require you to cut off extra parts, though most of the time it will be used for future projects.


Key Takeaway

Electronic devices today practically need plastic in order for them to function properly. Plastics, particularly those made in injection molding companies provide so much to electronics companies because of the customization they can give. Aside from that, they’re also well versed when it comes to design and optimization of product safety.