Everyday objects made through injection molding

Everyday Objects Made Through Injection Molding

By Carter Kho

What are the common things that are made with the help of injection molding?

  • Lids and caps
  • DVDs and CDs
  • Entertainment devices
  • Medical apparatuses
  • Toys
  • Automotive components
  • Kitchenware
  • Electronics


Injection molding in China is a type of industry that isn’t necessarily appreciated as much as it should be. The industry is responsible for so many products that can be found on a daily basis. Most people aren’t even aware that certain products are manufactured with the help of injection molding.

From the most basic of plastic products to the most complex of items. All of them are made with the help of mold making in China.

To further educate the people on how important the injection molding industry is, here are some everyday objects that are manufactured with the help of injection molding.


Lids and Caps

Lids And Caps

Those little plastic things that you would find on the top of water bottles, jars, and cans are all made through injection molding. The manufacturing processes regarding these are very simple because the product itself is simplistic in nature. Even the twisting mechanic within the bottles are created through simple mold modifications.


DVDs and CDs

It might not look like it, but these circular discs have always been made through injection molding. You can also include the plastic casings that are usually used to hold them. The same with lids and caps, CDs, with their simple design of just a simple disc, are incredibly easy to manufacture.


Entertainment Devices

Entertainment Devices

Moving further, DVDs and CDs will need to be put in something in order to work. These would usually be the televisions and the CD players that make use of them. When it comes to these devices, their casing is most likely made through injection molding. Keep in mind that these casings are durable and organized. Often, they work both as a means of protecting the inner electrical system and as an organizational compartment for them.

Basically, when you think of the things included for your entertainment systems at home—the television set, the DVD players, the plastic containers and cabinets, and speakers, all of them would at least have their casings made of injection molded plastic.


Medical Apparatuses

One of the largest industries that rely on injection molding is healthcare. Plastics are versatile, lightweight, sanitary, and easily replaceable—therefore it’s perfect for medical operations, particularly those that can’t afford using unsterile items.

Many medical devices that are used in different medical facilities and at home are made of plastic injection molding. Some of them include the following: plastic syringes, plastic containers, plastic tools (for surgeries, operations, or simple first aid).




Of course, you can’t talk about injection molding without mentioning toys. Most toys in the market nowadays are made through injection molding. From the very popular Nerf guns, to the old-fashioned toys like dolls, to the collector’s favorite Gundam robots. Injection molding companies have great contributions to the creation of these toys.

And when it comes to toys that aren’t really primarily of injection molding you would usually find at least a part of two that’s crucial to the toy’s main functionality.


Automotive Components

People who have ridden a car or any vehicle per se should realize that the majority of things inside are made through plastic injection molding. From the dashboard to the seats themselves—the radios, the controls for windows, and even the plastic cup holders. These components are made through injection molding.

Keep in mind that mold making in China is not limited to simple shapes and small sizes, large and very complex components are easily made through the help of advanced mold creation and injection mold techniques.





Another field that is very much made of plastic materials made through injection molding are the many disposable and reusable kitchenware. Before, disposable kitchenware such as spoons, and forks are the most common for these kinds of products.  The fact that they’re one-time use items makes them very appealing for people who don’t like cleaning up or washing the dishes.

Nowadays, however, plastic kitchen has evolved to rival the traditional glass and ceramic kitchenware. They can be used much like how glasses and plates made of ceramics are, and they also need the same maintenance. But they’re relatively cheaper to buy.



When you look at your outlets and the outer casing of extension cords, these are all made through injection molding. This is because if they’re made of aluminum or steel, it will potentially cause electrical hazards. The plastic that is used to encase these dangerous electronic parts helps protect people from the possible electrical hazards that can happen. Computer parts are also included in this category since keyboards, computer cases, and mouses are also made from plastic injection molding.


Key Takeaway

The world today is filled with things that are made through plastic injection molding. Without them, a majority of our everyday objects will not be here or be made from different, often more expensive items. It’s high time that we appreciate the relevance of injection molding in China has to modern-day lives.