Development Considerations in Making Custom Plastic Injection Molding in China

Development Considerations in Custom Plastic Injection Molding in China

By Carter Kho

What are the development considerations you have to remember in making custom plastic injection molding in China?

  1. Simple is Better
  2. Uniformity is Best
  3. Assess the Production Carefully
  4. Prototyping is Key
  5. Selection of Materials


Designing a plastic product is one of the most exciting parts of plastic injection molding. In China, mold manufacturers value the quality and accuracy of designs according to customizable standards. This would bring about a significant increase in the criteria that you have to set for the production of your plastic product which is important if you would want to arrive at a successful result.

Developing a concept into a product should be a well-thought-of fundamental that you and your molding company have to do. Producing a product successfully would require you to have sufficient time and effort to devise guidelines essential to the whole manufacturing process. Towards the end goal, these guidelines would serve as a map that will lead you to meet those very same standards that you have set for your product.

If you are still not sure what these development considerations are, then check out how you can further develop its design with plastic injection molding in China and maximize its potential to its full extent!

 Simple is Better

Simple is Better


Injection molding design doesn’t have to be too extravagant of a process. The best things come in simple packages and the development of your design would be a standout if comes with a minimalist look that can be viewed as a classic in the long run.

Avoid touching on areas where the mold can encounter defects like sink marks. Although there are bold choices in design that do not agree on simplicity, ask your mold maker to provide a simple enough solution to make the production smoother so as not to compromise the integrity of the concept.

Uniformity is Best

Uniformity is Best


When it comes to customized injection molding, you should be mindful of the part uniformity and make sure that the parts are all of equal quality. Ask your mold manufacturer to observe constant wall thickness throughout the parts so it can provide the best flow in the plastic injection molding process.

When you maintain uniform wall thickness, you maximize the design elements of the mold and incorporating uniformity in the injection molded plastic parts make the design consistent all throughout the product.


Assess the Production Carefully


Take the Design Manufacturability considerations seriously because it can make all the difference when the product is ready in full swing. The Design for Manufacturing reports is a reliable tool that you should require your mold maker to utilize.

These reports will help your partner plastic injection molding company understand the design especially in areas like ejector pin locations, gate locations, and parting line location. Inspect the reports carefully so you can be assured that you and your mold manufacturer are on the same page. Failing to do so will result in conflict in planned design and it can cause cosmetic concerns for the product.


Prototyping is Key


Prototypes will help a great deal with the design because this will determine the direction that you want to take for your product. Using prototyping is not more than just having a trial production run for your product, it is about knowing on which areas you can improve or what design choices you should maintain.

Prototyping is very important in the development process of plastic injection molding because you can save time and money by detecting flaws and other issues that arise in the design phase. Before diving into the mass production, prototyping will help you come up with a viable solution to manufacture with ease.

It also ensures that the mold manufacturer stays faithful to the design without altering its very essence or adding changes that are not part of the requirements.

Selection of Materials

Selection of Materials


The mold design would not be complete without the variety of materials to complement its style. The material selection process in plastic injection molding can be pretty complex but choosing the right material for the parts will spell significant gains in the process of production. Work closely with your engineer and ask for knowledge on the selection of materials so you know how your part will perform.

Using an insert or overmolding can allow you to combine materials for the different specifications of one product. This maximizes the design potential of your concept and this can make it more versatile as well. Not to mention that this technology is also an affordable solution that will lessen future assembly costs as well as an effective method to maintain functionality.


Key Takeaway


With a reliable and effective mold company in China like Richfields, you would not find yourself thinking a lot about these development considerations but it is best if you are knowledgeable of these factors beforehand. This way, you can have a personal experience with crafting your product.

Customization is a great way to turn your concept into a product and in doing so, always remember that injection molding works more efficiently if everything is according to design.