Our Mold Division is one of our biggest strength. Eighty percent (80%) of our Molds are exported to U.S., Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Taiwan. We have complete manufacturing facilities from CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Milling, Drilling all located in one roof. Our Mold Flow Analysis program ensures that potential processing problems are highlighted at an early stage just before we start building our molds. All of these make our Mold Division a very professional, well-oriented, high precision mold making factory in China.


Our company has more than 10 Professional Engineers that could help you design product from initial concept up to manufacturing into finished product. The standard software that we use are UG and PRO-E, although we can also use solid works, catia, autocad, etc, depending on your availability. We have professional people in the field of designing, plastic manufacturing, metal hardware requirements, and electronic assembly.

With this service that we offer, our client can just easily send us a sample or drawing or just an idea, then we can easily provide them a report that would suggest how the product will be made, the process involved, the engineering structure of the product, the estimate cost of the project and the lead time. This report will come with an engineering drawing that will show all the specifications, dimensions and suggested material.


Sometimes, customers request prototypes to test assembly compatibility or to know what their product will look like when it is produced through injection molding so we provide prototypes of their products. We understand that it will usually cost a lot of investment in coming up a new product, so to lower down your risk, we provide prototyping service to our client. Prototyping is a way of making a finished product without building a tool by means of machining ( CNC ) to provide you with a sample of how your part will look, feel, and perform. The cost of making prototype samples are much less than building a tool.


We specialize in plastic injection for a wide range of OEM service. Our plastic injection machines vary in size from 90 tons to 450 tons. We specialize in tight tolerance parts requiring very precise quality control measures to general plastic parts that need to be molded at a very reasonable price. Flexibility is what helps us to grow and to deliver high quality parts time after time. From single custom-made parts to high cavitation or over-molding, we are always ready to cater to your production needs.


Our Secondary Services involves Spray Painting lines with 26 ( big ) spray cubicles. We also offer in-house services for silk and pad printing, hot-stamping, sonic-welding and assembly needs. With our company, our client can experience a one-stop OEM manufacturing service.


Factory Size(square meters) 5,000 square meter
Total number of Employees 200 people
Production 150 people
Management 50 people
Quality 20 people
Engineering/Technical 10 people