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Serving Customers with Premium Materials and SEO Philippines

By SEO Hacker Specialists

Since the company has been founded in 2001, Richfields Corporation has been consistently providing customers with quality products. One could think that a company that is in the molding industry would be traditional in nature, but Richfields uses state of the art machines for their services and do SEO Philippines for their marketing.

Richfields is internationally known for providing plastic molding services. They offer a wide range of products and services and serves different industries such as the automotive industry and logistics industry. They have up-to-date machines that allows them to provide high-quality services making them one of the most capable injection molding companies in China.

Premium Injection Molding Services

Richfields Corporation’s operations are located in China while its main office is located in Hong Kong. Richfields is one of the premium manufacturing companies in China that is offering plastic injection molding services to clients worldwide. Being located in China is one of Richfields’ most prominent strength. It allows them to offer the most competitive prices in the world and they have one of the broadest product line. But that doesn’t stop them in providing superior customer service.

Customer service is one of Richfields’ pride. They maintain good relationship with their clients by answering questions and inquiries 24/7. They believe that communication between them and the clients is the key in maintaining product quality.

Initially founded as an injection molding company in 2001, Richfields started to branch out and offer other services such as prototyping, plastic tool and molding manufacturing, reverse engineering, assembly services, and many more. It makes Richfields’ a one-stop shop for their clients.

Richfields is also ISO certified, FDA  approved, and produce BPA-free products. Richfields also has a T516949 Certification from the ISO. This certifies Richfields as a company that is led by an excellent management system.

Currently, Richfields produces more than 300 molds per year for export or to be run in their China facility.

Investing in Digital Marketing

Richfields’ journey in the digital market started in 2008 when the Richfields Plastics website went online for the first time. The website was simple. A short homepage with information regarding the company and links to information about the services that they offer. For many years, the Richfields website used the same website design but updated the pages within. They added more information regarding their services but the website was not optimized. There were no promotions that was done such as SEM or Social Media promotions.

SEO Success

In 2018, Richfields started to scout for digital marketing agencies. The company rarely do any traditional marketing campaigns but they realized that there is a growing market for injection molding online and so the team decided to go for digital. Richfields came in contact with one of the best SEO agencies in the Philippines; SEO Hacker. SEO Hacker is a company founded by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si. The company is a team of young and motivated members who specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Web Development.

With the contract signed, Richfields and SEO Hacker started the campaign. In early 2018, the Richfields website had its first website revamp after 10 years of being online. The website was styled with a modern look. It was still simple and had Richfields’ brand color all over. The pages for the services was optimized to be visible and have more information for the users. And the overall user-interface and user-experience was improved.

After the website revamp, the SEO campaign started. Primarily, Richfields targeted 5 keywords that would be beneficial to their business and 5 landing pages were published to rank for those keywords. Blog posts were published regularly every month to target more keywords and generate more traffic. And link building was done to increase the authority of the website.

The progress was slow as the competition was tough. But SEO is a long game. Other competitors already had SEO efforts long before Richfields had and they had to do a lot of catching up. By mid 2018, effects of SEO started to show. From a  monthly traffic of 60 to 100 users per month in 2017, the number of users increased to 400 per  month from March 2018. Keyword rankings started to pick up. In 2019, 3 of the primary keywords was able to reach the first page of the search results. And in May 2019, Richfields received 1,370 users, its highest ever. One could think that this numbers are small but its not every day when people look for plastic injection molding services.

When users started pouring, leads started going. Richfields started getting leads from their website on a monthly basis.

Currently, their website continuous to grow. Improvements are regularly done and SEO efforts such as blog posting and link building are always on time. They also published case studies to show to present their capabilities to their potential clients.