5 Reasons To Outsource Injection Molding Products

5 Reasons To Outsource Injection Molding Products

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What are the reasons to outsource injection molding products?

  1. Better part quality
  2. High-tech injection molding equipment
  3. Available prototyping services
  4. Developed supply chain system
  5. Cost-efficient

Production of high-quality injection molding is rarely effective when done in-house. Many issues may stem from the customer’s end, regarding quality, availability of equipment, skill, cost, professionalism, and tolerance. With all these challenges, there are several reasons to outsource injection molding products, whether it’s for OEM companies or other business models that require plastic parts for assembly.

Outsourcing injection molding operations have been the norm for many such organizations. This is to their specific requirements of quality-made parts at a quick turnaround time. For this reason, they look to offshore mold-making activities to companies that provide prototyping services in China, for example, or strictly those that have been in the plastic molding industry for quite some time.

Collaborating with a trusted mold-maker is a practical decision because they can provide the expertise to craft better-quality products with the help of a trained workforce. Injection molding companies also have access to the latest equipment and technology for this type of production process. As businesses look to lower their overhead costs and give more value to their customers, services offered by plastic mold companies continue to be the prime manufacturing choice. Read on to learn more.

Better Part Quality

Offshore injection molding companies are capable of achieving better quality when it comes to all plastic parts. This is largely due to their expertise and experience when handling injection mold machines, as well as, understanding characteristics of a certain resin.

Other factors that contribute to part quality may also be the following: type of resin, quality of molding die, post-processing techniques, mold machining, pressure, injection speed, or temperature.

With an understanding of these factors, injection mold companies are able to understand the different behaviors of plastic during a single cycle time. Molding defects are avoided or altogether eliminated through this process. In turn, this helps lower costs for both the client and manufacturer.

High-Tech Injection Molding Equipment
High-tech injection molding equipment

Injection molding machines may vary depending on the weight capacity, tonnag, ejecting force, screw diameter, mold thickness, or shot size. However, each machine always have the following basic components:

  • Hopper
  • Mold plates
  • Runners (for cold-runner systems)
  • Sprue
  • Barrel
  • Molding gates
  • Reciprocating screw

With this in mind, plastic mold-making firms see to it that their facility houses different types of equipment with varying specifications. This allows them to cater to any kind of industry — be it consumer good manufacturing, or car part assembly. For example, a company in need of OEM door trims will benefit from a machine that can perform high-volume production. Likewise, the molding firm ensures that their machines are well maintained and professionally handled by their workforce for reduced downtimes and faster processes.

Available Prototyping Services

For any product concept or idea, prototyping is considered as the first stage in manufacturing. It’s in this phase that customers will understand if their product meets their expectations on design, appearance, form, and function. Manufacturing different products for the end-user can be challenging without any baseline, which is why prototyping should not be omitted.

Unless you have the technical expertise and machinery to help you create prototypes of your product, it’s better to also have them outsourced to injection mold businesses. Prototyping helps you generate samples of your intended product. More than just that, it helps you make necessary modifications and refinements on the product. After all testing has been completed, you’ll end up with a full prototype that is fit for manufacturing and end-consumer use.

Developed Supply Chain System
Developed supply chain system

What sets an injection molding company from budding plastic manufacturing in-house services, is their mature supply chain command. As mentioned, the injection molding process is wholly complicated.

A single mold system in a machine is made up of different parts, like mold bases, blanks, springs, cylinders, runners, ejector pins, mold cores, cavity, water baffle, and many more. Not to mention that molding companies also rely on other CNC cutting machinery and press brake systems for their assembly operations.

With the complexity and breadth of knowledge required in maintaining such equipment, it’s no surprise that customers should depend on the injection mold company that has a fully-developed supply chain system.


Outsourcing plastic molds is considerably cheaper than creating them in-house. On your end, for example, you don’t have to purchase different machines just to support injection mold processes. Partnering with a company can already achieve this for your business requirements.

Another reason why outsourcing is more cost-effective, is that you don’t have to invest in capital & human development training solely for injection molding. You also won’t have the responsibility of finding the right raw materials for the job — the injection molding firm already has all of these assets to help you lower costs on your end.

Key Takeaway

Looking for injection molding or prototyping services in China? This guide has provided you with a list of all reasons why you should outsource injection molding products. Since these manufacturing firms already have a reliable supply chain to support a wide variety of molded products and production models, you can guarantee that partnering with a dedicated injection mold part supplier is the right choice.

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