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Purging Procedures for Plastic Injection Molding Machines

By Carter Kho

What are the advantages of using purging compounds?

  1. Faster Machine Cleaning
  2. Reduction of Scrap Parts
  3. Improved Machine Performance


The plastic manufacturing industry is home to some of the most efficient pieces of machinery. It enables companies to create products of the highest quality. The centerpiece of this industry is the plastic injection molding machine. Whether it be packaging, accessories, tools, toys, or even prosthetics, this machine has the functionality and versatility to create the widest range of products available. Efficiency is crucial, which is why a manufacturer should know what is the purging compound that should be used to keep the machines running properly.

While the plastic injection molding machine is one of the most effective and reliable pieces of machinery in the manufacturing industry, it is still prone to issues and problems. One of the most common problems that can happen to a plastic injection molding machine is the build-up of waste materials. This waste can consist of carbon that has gathered in different machine parts, excess resin, and even metallic compounds.

This makes proper machine maintenance a must in the plastic injection molding industry. Amidst different methodologies, the use of purging compounds is seen as the most effective way to keep machines working at their best.


What is a purging compound?

A cup overflowing with solidified purging compound

Plastic injection molding machines are prone to carbon and resin buildup, which is why purging compounds are necessary after production. Purging compounds are resin-based products designed to clean up different parts of a plastic injection molding machine. Some of these parts include molds and extruders. These compounds are able to remove carbon, resin, as well as any colors left on machines and molds.


What are the benefits of using purging compounds?

When it comes to cleaning plastic injection molding machines, purging compounds have become the most effective method. There are many benefits to using purging compounds on your plastic injection molding machine. One such factor is its ability to clean up waste and keep machine performance at optimal levels. Here are some of the other benefits of using purging compounds that you should know about.


Faster Machine Cleaning

Shiny and clean screw parts from a plastic injection molding machine

Cleaning a plastic injection molding machine can be a lengthy process as the amount of waste built-up after production can become overwhelming to remove. While some pieces of waste can be removed using a number of tools and devices, there are times when you need a stronger substance to do the job.

Purging compounds help clear this waste. They can rinse out the insides of the machine and reach areas that are hard to clean, ensuring every piece of waste is removed. Cleaning can take a long time to accomplish especially in complicated machinery, having purging compounds allows you to save more time.


Reduce the Amount of Scrap Parts Produced

Scrap parts are some of the most wasteful products of a plastic injection molding machine, which is why it must be avoided as much as possible. Scrap parts are caused by the presence of waste and carbon in the machine, which affects the molding of the product. This means you can end up with products that have signs of discoloration, poorly shaped areas, and rough patches.

Scrap parts are very costly as they waste both money and resources, prompting you to repeat the process. The occurrence of scrap parts can be reduced by using purging compounds to clean up the machines. It is important to find the best ways to maximize your resources, especially for plastic manufacturing industries, which is why purging compounds are a great solution to use.


Improve Machine Performance

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Cleaning not only prevents waste from building up, but it also helps improve the overall efficiency of the machine itself. Clean machines will always work better. Purging compounds help make the machine create products of the same quality on a more consistent basis.

This lessens the chances of seeing defective products, which can be costly and compromise the overall quality of the manufactured products. Quality is crucial in the plastic injection molding industry, which is why using purging compounds are the most effective method of injection molding maintenance.


Key Takeaway

Plastic injection molding machines are high-performance manufacturing tools designed to create quality products. It is important that you constantly follow proper maintenance procedures. By using plastic purging compounds, you can make sure that your injection molds are clean after a busy period of manufacturing. This will help keep them in their best shape.