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Product Assembly In China: Richfields Plastics

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Why should you choose Richfields Plastics for product assembly in China?

  1. Accurate product assembly
  2. Versatile assembly processes
  3. 100% injection molding capabilities

In the world of manufacturing, product assembly is everything. This is the process that brings all the components of an entire system, equipment, device, and material together. Without product assembly, even the most high-quality parts and components would be of no use. This is why if you’re looking for companies that provide product assembly in China, you have to make sure that you get services from only an experienced firm like Richfields Plastics.

For more than 20 years, Richfields has been the leading injection molding and provider of top-notch prototyping services in China. For all of their finished injection molded products, they also conduct assembly with similar plastics as well as other materials like metal. Through years of experience and a constant focus to innovate their techniques, Richfields’ assembly techniques can allow any end-product — from OEM, aftermarket, and customized parts — to be sequentially assembled to the tee.

Working with a professional team that specializes in injection molding, Richfields is the leading company for accurate product assembly, versatile processes, injection molding, prototyping, reverse engineering, and many more. Read on to learn more.

Accurate Product Assembly

Whether you’re a private individual or the manager of a large market tier firm, you need product assembly if you want your concept to turn into reality. However, you do face the issue of finding cost-effective options to achieve this. For one, you may not know where to look for when it comes to accurate assembly. Another reason is that the costs of manufacturing may be too high, especially for speciality products that require certain properties.

For this reason, you need to be able to rely on a company that offers a dedicated product assembly process for all of your manufacturing needs. Richfields does exactly just through their innovative injection molding capabilities.

Once your manufacturing plans have graduated from initial concept towards prototype evaluation, you can now begin looking into Richfield’s services for your production planning. Whether you’re working with plastic, metal, or a combination of the two, Richfields’ accurate product assembly can provide you with the same level of accuracy that’s required for consistent quality assurance and wide market production/distribution.

Versatile Assembly Processes
Unscrewing plastic mold

Unless you’re working for a 100% digital firm that does not require any physical models of a design or conceptualized plan, then you’ll need physical products for generating profit and satisfying customer demand.

Almost every industry nowadays is dependent on the product assembly process, be it food & beverage, healthcare, electronics, recreation, hardware, industrial, lighting, high-tech equipment, and many more. Keeping all of these in mind, you need to be able to rely on a company that can fully commit to your business and your customers’ demands when it comes to anything related to the product assembly process.

Richfields’ versatile assembly processes are designed to satisfy the expectations of business from different industries. While their primary services focus on injection molding, their product assembly includes, but is not limited to the manufacturing of everyday consumer goods, electronic equipment, medical devices, and the like. For example, if you need to prepare your product prototype for mass-production, Richfield’s assembly team are capable of addressing all of your business’ requirements.

100% Injection Molding Capabilities

Not all manufacturing firms have the right expertise and equipment to conduct injection molding. Some companies, for example, only focus on fabrication and assembly for metal parts. But for other materials such as plastic, the nature of operations may differ.

For anything that involves assembly of plastic goods, your most practical option is to choose a company like Richfields that does 100% injection molding. This is an innovative manufacturing technique for all kinds of plastic resins, fit for both low-volume and high-volume capacity.

Injection molding relies on using well-maintained equipment, correct raw materials, and the right techniques for the job. Too slow injection speed, for example, can cause functional and aesthetic defects on the ejected product. A poor mold design, on the other hand, can lead to unwanted plastic parts that may take time and money due to the need for post-processing and other expensive secondary operations.

Fortunately for you and your business, Richfields sees to it that all of their processes are optimized and that personnel operating various machines are trained to do so. This is why they’re the go-to injection molding firm that can provide you with the right mold design (high-cavitation or low-cavitation, depending on your requirements).

Aside from this, they also make sure all factors of the injection molding process are in order — from wall thickness, shot size, injection speed, machine capacity, shrinkage, etc. You can also choose from different types of molds and injection molding techniques, such as air assist, overmolding, unscrewing plastic injection, family molds, and a range of other high-precision designs.

Key Takeaway

Richfields Plastic’s product assembly in China makes them the leading firm for all injection molding services and prototyping techniques that cater to all types of industries.

When it comes to outsourcing product assembly services, make sure that you entrust your time and money only to Richfields. To check out our selection of products and services, you may click here. You may also contact us for more information. We’ll be more than happy to cater to all of your comments, inquiries, and suggestions.