The Power of Packaging in Marketing and Branding

The Power of Packaging in Marketing and Branding

By Carter Kho

Packaging represents a wide array of opportunities to identify a brand and make it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Consumers tend to be drawn to the way the product is packaged, and more often than not, this can be the main reason why they purchase. There is a certain allure to a product that is packaged with precision — just ask any molding company in China and other parts of the world! They will attest that their clients want to have the best in packaging through the best practices in injection molding design.

The decision to purchase is greatly influenced by the power of packaging and how it succeeds in getting its message across. Products have identities in their own way and packaging is the one that shows consumers the benefits that the products are promoting. In 2005, Procter & Gamble came up with their version of a Moment of Truth in the buyer’s journey. Alan George Lafley, then Chairman and President of the company, said that there are three stages to the Moment of Truth that a consumer experiences in purchasing a product. The first stage greatly relies on that moment when the consumer is looking at the product — this is the power of packaging in effect.

Together with efficient marketing, the packaging is motivated by brand values that serve as reasons for being a prime player in the market. In this article, you can read expert advice about the importance of packaging in marketing and branding from some of the best in the industry of design. Whichever way you relate to this information — either as a consumer or a marketer — take this as an opportunity to be aware of the power of packaging in successfully solidifying your brand’s identity in your chosen niche. Take a closer look at their insights here!


Dana Valerio

Dana Valerio


Website: Seventeen Eleven Design Studio | Wix | Dribbble


With her clean and unique designs, Dana Valerio is who you should call if you want to make your brand look its best! She began her career as a graphics design maven in the advertising industry after she graduated from the University of Santo Tomas. At present, she is working as the brand designer at Seventeen Eleven Design Studio in Abu Dhabi. Here, Dana found her love in establishing visual identities for brands. She has been doing a great job of distinguishing her clients from the rest since then.

When asked about the importance of proper packaging in products, she shares that, “Packaging is a reflection of the brand in a physical form. It helps build a concise personality to attract new consumers and keep loyal ones.”

Countless products are all clamoring to catch your attention with their packaging no matter what form it is presented in. Dana recognizes packaging as a strong motivation for consumers to carry on with their path of purchase. She says, “Packaging is often an opportunity to create a strong impression since customers generally judge a book by its cover”. But is this a prime factor in the ultimate choice of the customer to contribute to the effectiveness of the marketing of the product? On this subject, Dana says that “[Packaging] ultimately affects decision-making. Imagine getting a product with a packaging that easily falls apart, it not only puts a bad impression but also takes away the shine of the product, regardless of how good it is. Packaging can affect the buying behavior of a consumer.”

In distinguishing identities of brands from one another, she cites examples from prime brands, “In many cases, some brands are recognized because of their packaging form. Take, for example, Coca-Cola is known for their curvy bottle and Pringles is known for their stack of chips in a tube.” Packaging can give a product an edge over competitors because in Dana’s own words, “Customer experience is vital. Exploring options instead of plain cardboard can help make a positive impact, strengthen your brand, and inspire customer loyalty. It tells your audience that your brand went the extra mile and paid attention to details.”

So how can brands go the extra mile? “Do be true to your brand, think about visual aesthetics, and consider hierarchy,” Dana advises, “Explore what best resonates your business because a unique brand image establishes credibility and immediately sparks your customer’s interest. That is why you should have effective packaging because shelf presence will help you stand out among the hundreds of other competitors in the market.”

For her parting knowledge, Dana emphasizes that you shouldn’t forget your target market and don’t go crazy! “Understand how your audience thinks and cater to their needs. Your packaging should be concise so you shouldn’t go crazy with an overwhelming design that’s hard to read and avoid using elements that do not relate to your brand or product,” she concludes.


David Roberge

David Roberge


Website: Industrial Packaging | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Google Plus


A team player at his core, Industrial Packaging’s marketing manager David Roberge is one heck of a guy! David relishes in concepts and ideas and transforms it into a product packaging that is effective in the growth of brands in terms of marketing.

He understands the importance of proper packaging, stressing that, “It is important to consider yourself as a buyer in the marketplace today. Of course, the function of the product you are buying is paramount, but the way it’s marketed on the shelf is the key to getting the attention of your target market. The right packaging, for the right audience, is so integral to making a connection with someone in the store aisle”.

As David is always eager to learn more about how to make visual branding a success for Industrial Packaging’s clients, he knows all about how product packaging can affect a customer’s perception, sharing with us his expert advice, “The way your product is presented on the shelf is a make-or-break with the consumer. If you aren’t considering who you are marketing to, will they even see you next to your competition?”

So how can a product packaging come out as the most striking design from among the rest? What are the considerations that brands have to remember? David answers, “It is important to consider the style, shape, color, and amount of packaging you are using, as well as the labeling and what you have to say on the product to gain the appeal. If you’re not taking these items into consideration, you’re wasting time and money on what could be a quality product!” He reiterates that the importance of packaging does not only cover the surface value of the product – its significance holds a larger power than that, “Packaging is your main marketing piece. The way your product looks on the shelf and speaks to the consumer about your product and your brand can either create a lasting relationship or make your product fall short.”

In packaging your product, arm yourself with the knowledge that effective tools can be had: “Using colors and shapes that align with your brand and consumer’s needs. The flexibility of your supplier in offering and sourcing what need, when you need it is also important, as well as looking at what your competitors are doing and consider how you can enhance your shelf appeal and stand apart from the pack.” According to David, the notable occurrences that you should avoid are, “Ignoring your target market and ignoring the sustainability and product protection throughout the life cycle of the product.” It would do you good to take David’s advice in terms of effective product packaging so start taking these tips into consideration now.


Susan Brown

Susan Brown


Website: Growing Your Biz | Twitter | Google Plus


It’s not every day that you get to have a first-hand engagement with an established market researcher, professional blogger, and copywriter. Today, Susan Brown is here to give advice on the importance of proper packaging. Equipped with over nine years of experience in developing high-quality content for small businesses and self-employed professionals with her blog, Growing Your Biz, she knows all about quality business. As a serial entrepreneur and a micro-business owner, it has been her goal to help other entrepreneurs succeed using effective techniques in establishing sustainable ventures.

When asked about the significance of proper packaging in effective marketing and branding, she replies with a realistic approach, “Product packaging greatly depends on the type of product that you are offering as well as the market you’re in and the people you are trying to reach.” Susan says that you should also realize that re-inventing product packaging is just as important as crafting one, “Your packaging can always be tweaked later on after you have generated useful data, such a user feedback as well as the cost to produce the packaging versus the actual sales you are generating. Once sustainable revenues are coming in, you may also have added money to invest in more suitable or eye-catching packaging.” To stand out from your competitors, Susan says that you should, “Offer added convenience or added freshness. There should also be a focus on desire, value, or mission that resonates with your customers. You should also emphasize its impact on customer perception by incorporating user feedback into the design and then tell buyers about this change.”

According to Susan, in order to create sustainability in product packaging, it is also a must for brands to embrace practicality. “Research about the logistics of your product which includes its shelf-life, typical methods of storage, and modes of shipment.” As for the visual quality of the packaging, it is important to remember, “Do consider what your competitors are doing and investigate your target market to determine preferences, such as color, imagery, package material and shape. This is important in considering what makes your product unique and what qualities or features are most important to your customers.”

Susan states that you should take these things into consideration when determining the influence of your product packaging for the customer’s perception of the brand. The impact of the product packaging also greatly relies on the qualities that you want to highlight such as, “the package’s offer of added convenience, its ability to elicit the desired emotion and to inform consumers about product features or quality. Will it reflect the unique culture and values of your company? Also, what will happen to the package after the product is finished? Can it be reused in some way? Does it need to have a special form of disposal?” Each one of these considerations is important because as Susan says, “Just as people do judge a book by its cover, so will they judge your product. Before you begin to design your package, take a look at what your competitors are doing as well as how their customers feel about it.”


Key Takeaway


As these branding experts put it simply, the perfect product packaging is determined by its quality in providing a great customer experience. All of these features are attainable if you find the right supplier for your product packaging. Fortunately, our injection molding company in China is up for the job as we greatly champion these qualities for your brand.

Making sure that every aspect of your product packaging is pristine and designed with precision is what mold manufacturers in China do best and this is what you can expect from our team here at Richfields Plastics. Let’s talk about how we can enhance the power of your marketing and branding now! Leave us a line here!