Molding Company From Idea to Product

Molding Company: From Idea to Product

By Carter Kho

Coming up with great ideas are natural but putting those ideas and turning them into reality can be difficult. In manufacturing plastic products, a molding company will help you put your ideas into real products. It will be a significant investment for you and they will be there to guide you in that venture. After all, a tangible product is better than a fleeting idea, right?

If you are tired of dreaming of ideas and settling for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, then you should start thinking of a partnership with a molding company. Assess the impact that you want to bring to your market brought forth by your idea and use this as the primary motivation in order to turn it into something tangible. Mapping out each stage of this process will be an easy occurrence as if you are just crafting a DIY project.

All you got to do is know what you are trying to accomplish for your target market as well as check the compatibility of the process with what you have planned for your product. You should also decide if the idea is indeed worth pursuing or if it is not worth the trouble at all.

Figure out a core concept for your idea so you can start the process of turning it into a product. Focus on the main function that your product will deliver to your market. For best results, learn how it is made so you can see how it will turn out to be. This will help you sell your product because an engaged market will be appreciative of your knowledge concerning your product.

It’s a good thing that there are reliable molding companies, with the best plastic mold makers, to help you with this, and here is how they can do so:

 Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

A molding company can help turn your idea into a product with the help of a professional team. They can help you with the design product from its initial concept up to its manufacturing. There is a standard software that you can use (such as UG and PRO-E), although CATIA and AUTOCAD also perform well.

Essentially, a molding company will help you manufacture your idea into a product by evaluating your requirements and other information necessary to gain an understanding of your goal. You would want to establish a partnership with a molding company that has professionals in the field of designing, plastic manufacturing, metal hardware, and electronic assembly.

Not only will you turn an idea into a product, but it also opens up opportunities for innovation.



Prototypes are useful to test assembly compatibility or to know the appearance of a finished product. Products that are produced through injection molding utilizes prototyping as a primary tool. It will be a significant investment in producing a new product and it will mean big savings for you because it will lower the risk of error in manufacturing.

By using a Computer Numerical Control machine, you will be provided with a sample of how your product will look, feel, and perform. Not to mention that the cost of making prototype samples is lesser compared to building a product straight away.

With prototyping, you will be guaranteed that your requirements are met and your product will function as efficiently as it can. Injection molded prototypes are manufactured the same way as mass production products but there are differences in the tools and processes used for the parts.

Prototyping is especially useful if you want to do research before delving into mass production and you will achieve a more compelling effect on your market if your product is well thought out. Testing your product before you release it to your consumers is also one of the main reasons for prototyping.

 Consider Secondary Services

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Consider Secondary Services

After your finished product is realized, you should consider additional secondary services to improve it. There are secondary processes like spray painting, silk and pad printing, hot-stamping, sonic-welding, overmolding, coating with adhesives, and other assembly needs. These processes usually occur after the plastic injection molding but you may discuss this prior to manufacturing.

Look for a partner molding company that will deliver quality service tailored to your requirements. These secondary services will contribute to the product’s design and overall functionality. Knowing the secondary services that a molding company offers will give you a clear idea of how your product will turn out.


Key Takeaway

Transforming an idea into a product in the plastic industry is not easy, but with a partner molding company, it will be a breeze!

You have to give your consumers the best and you don’t want them to think that you treated the product as a DIY project, right? Just remember these efficient processes that you can employ with a plastic injection molding company that will enable you to see the results in a short amount of time.