How to Minimize Cycle Time in Injection Molding China

How to Minimize Cycle Time with Injection Molding in China

By Carter Kho

Minimizing cycle times is one of the biggest factors to maintain the efficiency and speed of the production process. The ways to reduce the cycle time of your injection molding process can have a large impact on the whole manufacturing process. With injection molding in China, you wouldn’t have to worry about inefficiencies which will allow you to have more time to focus on other matters.

Know the ways on how to reduce cycle time in injection molding that will spell out big time and financial savings. Consider employing an injection molding in China to help you achieve this goal. Read on below for more information about this.

Be Knowledgeable on the Basics Steps of the Injection Molding Cycle

Be Knowledgeable on the Basics Steps of the Injection Molding Cycle

The cycles are divided into three stages: Injection Stage, Holding Stage, and Cooling Stage.

Each of these stages has potential efficiencies which are a requirement to reduce overall cycle time. Starting with the injection stage, it is where the heated material is fed with pressure into the mold and cavities. It is then followed by the holding or packing stage when the material for a cycle has been fed into the mold, and continued pressure is applied in order to make sure that cavities are completely filled; thus, it will be easier to address any potential mold defects.

The last step is the most time-consuming method and that is the cooling stage. It is when the material cools to a solid form and the parts are ready to be ejected from the mold. This is where the biggest impact relies on for the reduction of the cycle time.


Keep Wall Thickness to the Minimum Required

This is an essential consideration for your part or product to function effectively. Adopting a minimalist approach to the mold design will mean that less material is needed for the mold cavities, which will reduce the plastic injection cycle time to a minimum.

However, take into account the required strength of your product’s walls and if it will adhere to the best design practices for minimum wall thickness. Wall thickness has a big effect on cooling time that is why you should also consider looking into it. Ask your injection mold supplier about this requirement and assess whether this is a viable approach to minimize cycle time for your product.

Ensure that Your Machine is Fine-Tuned

Ensure that Your Machine is Fine-Tuned

Make sure that the machine is up to the tasks of proper injection pressure and speed because older models tend to suffer from performance issues. This will lead to inconsistent injection processes and, therefore, will take a longer period of time to inject the same amount of material compared to a new or better-maintained machine. Perform an inspection of the equipment before plunging into a decision to start your manufacturing process.

Not to mention, errors in pressure or plastic injection fill time can lead to more rejected parts which contribute to your overall production time. Know the capabilities of the machines and utilize this to produce products that are of high quality and performance.


Invest in People — Not Just in Machinery

Any injection molding company can brag about state-of-the-art equipment but not everyone can have impeccable customer service. If you find yourself dealing with a difficult manufacturer, chances are the cycle time will feel longer than usual. Ensure that the production process will be smooth, which talented injection molding engineers can do for you!

Factors such as injection speed, cushion, holding, and cooling time have a big impact on part quality and cycle time so you should make sure that the people – the plastic mold makers – you are dealing with mean business.

Consider Your Material Selection

Consider Your Material Selection

Having a higher fill pressure rating or higher flow rates all depend on the material you are using. Getting into the mold and filling all cavities faster can be aided by the material selection prior to production. It may be usually overlooked or written off but material selection – which includes choosing suitable resin properties – can be suitable in order to keep the functionality of your part.


Consider Tooling Design

The mold itself is the biggest factor in minimizing cycle times. This is because a well-designed mold allows efficient and effective distribution of water and air which are the two most common cooling agents. Speaking of these agents, they should be well-maintained and regularly cleaned to ensure that the parts cool as quickly as possible.


Key Takeaway

An efficient cooling system is essential to reduce the cycle time. With the help of a reliable plastic injection molding company in China, this can be achieved in no time. Always keep your product requirements in mind and be prepared to be faced with errors because they are unavoidable. It is also important to remember that in order to minimize cycle times, consistency is key whether it is tool performance or for the material selection of your part.