Plastic Injection Molding vs Plastic Machining

Plastic Injection Molding vs Plastic Machining

By Carter Kho

What are the advantages of these types of plastic manufacturing process?

Plastic machining

  1. Closest possible tolerances
  2. Fast turnaround times
  3. Great flexibility of design
  4. Greatest cost efficiency for low quantities


Plastic injection molding

  1. Accuracy in production
  2. Rapid manufacturing process
  3. Low labor costs
  4. Resourceful and sustainable
  5. Flexibility
  6. Smooth product appearance


Injection molds in China and even in other parts of the globe have been dominating the plastics industry for quite some time now. However, the presence of plastic machining is posing many questions for industries all around. If you are one of those who would like to explore the both of the advantages of these manufacturing process, then check this out!


Advantages of Plastic Machining

Plastic machining is a competitive option done by plastic manufacturing companies when it comes to the consideration of a suitable manufacturing process for plastic parts. In order to see if this is the right method to achieve success for your product, then you should see the advantages of plastic machining. This will help you determine if you are going to go with plastic machining as the best production process or choose otherwise and choose to go with injection molding instead.


Closest possible tolerances

Plastic machining can give you the benefit of receiving the closest possible tolerances for your product. There can be close to zero cosmetic flaws which will ultimately benefit your project for the better. It is best to machine your parts if you are in a hurry for it to become tangible. Choosing plastic machining is best for those who would like a fast production process which will ultimately be the reason for an efficient output production.


Fast turnaround times

Fast turnaround times

As previously mentioned, using plastic machining as your manufacturing process can result in faster turnaround times. Knowing this benefit of production will allow you to adjust your timetable around the span of time that your product is made. Faster turnaround times mean that an item can be achieved within your prescribed deadlines. The benefit of it will show in the way that your design and production requirements are met so you can see your project become a success in no time.


Great flexibility of design

Know that when you choose plastic machining for your project, the automated process will aid your requirements to reach the greatest flexibility in design. Do your best to observe how the design is achieved through this progression of this manufacturing project and you will see that flexibility is greatly upheld. Although, you still have to be cautious because the cosmetic quality of it may not be up to your standards.


Greatest Cost efficiency for low quantities

Greatest Cost efficiency for low quantities

If you are planning to produce a low volume of products, plastic machining would be the more efficient choice. Chasing quantity requirements will be better off with this type of production process because the cost-efficiency from this process will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Not only that, but you need to consider the flexibility of your budget which plastic machining can gladly accommodate.


Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

Primarily responsible for most of the everyday household items that you see, plastic injection molding is the solution for your production needs. Unlike plastic machining, injection molding can be backed up by the intensive line of products that it has yielded from its process since it is now an established production method. See more of the advantages of injection molding below and consider it for your next project.


Accuracy in production

Accuracy in production

Injection molding holds its place when it comes to accuracy. It can go up to .005 inches of specifications, yielding accurate parts according to design and engineering requirements. Industries such as telecommunications, medicine, information technology, and even aerospace choose injection molding for the consistency it provides for their equipment.

It is a precise method that is used to fabricate nearly any type of part for all purposes. High precision plastic parts can be easily achieved with this process since it is backed up by high standards in innovation and design from plastic manufacturing companies.


Rapid manufacturing process

Plastic injection molding will not lose its title as one of the most common technologies for manufacturing purposes because of the speed it boasts of for this purpose. Depending on the complexity of the mold, cycle times can span from 15 to 30 seconds which is beneficial for those who are chasing a deadline or a quota for their business. Always remember that plastic injection molding has been around for quite some time now and it is trusted by various industries specifically because of these advantages.


Low labor costs

Low labor costs

Plastic injection molding is more affordable than plastic machining. The presence of automation in the injection molding industry is responsible for low labor costs which are greatly advantageous to clients. Injection molding equipment includes automatic tools which help in achieving an optimal design for products. Because automation requires minimal supervision, you would not be bothered to pay for outrageous labor costs. Ultimately, plastic injection molding is the more cost-effective option which will be better for those who are thinking of cost considerations.


Resourceful and Sustainable

Sustainability can be easily achieved in plastic injection molding. Plastic developers employ processes which make the manufacturing of parts sustainable for the environment. As an effective and efficient process, it is also greatly resource-conscious. Excess plastic can be recycled after use which will be the ultimate reason why sustainability is also the great advantage of this manufacturing process.



It is no secret that slight cosmetic imperfections can be seen in injection molded parts, but the flexibility that this manufacturing process offers is no laughing matter. The gates of the mold can create simple parts which give way to high-quality products. You can easily change the color and surface quality of an injection molded part. This is made evidenced by many items that are made from this process.


Smooth product appearance

Smooth product appearance

Plastic injection molding can assure you that parts will need little to no end finishing after the production process. The smooth and finished appearance of the plastic part is efficiently met which is why the advantages of injection molding are greatly evidenced by the high quantity of common products made from this process.


Key Takeaway

Whether you choose to integrate plastic injection molding or plastic machining, always remember that you should go for the best fit for your design requirements. Knowing the advantages of both processes will help you in making this decision and it can help you consider whether a company producing injection mold in China is great for you.