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Silk/Pad Printing

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Air Assist

Gas Assist Injection Molding is the process in injection molding wherein nitrogen gas is injected through controlled high pressure into the tool during the injection process. Richfields usually uses this process for plastic parts that are considered bigger or thinner than usual, under industry standards.


Insert or over molding is used when the design of your products needs to combine materials with different specifications into one finished product. It is used when a single shot is not enough for the complexity of the product.

Precision Parts

Richfields Corporation has an extensive knowledge in the precision plastic injection molding industry. Modern equipment, decades of professional plastic experience, and strategic location are just a few variables in the success formula we provide our customers.

Unscrewing Plastic Injection

Richfields Corporation uses decades of experience in manufacturing unscrewing plastic injection molds. The output is molds that are used for the production of internal threaded plastic injection parts. External threaded plastic injection do no need to be produced using unscrewing injection molds.



Our Mold Division is one of our biggest strength. Fifty percent (50%) of our Molds are exported mainly to U.S., Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and UK. We have complete manufacturing facilities from CNC, EDM, Wire Cutting, Milling, Drilling all located in one roof. Our Mold Flow

Analysis program ensures that potential processing problems are highlighted at an early stage just before we start building our molds. All of these make our Mold Division a very professional, well-oriented, high precision mold making factory in China.

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We specialize in plastic injection for a wide range of OEM service. Our plastic injection machines vary in size from 50 tons to 2100 tons. We specialize in tight tolerance parts requiring very precise quality control measures to general plastic parts that need to be molded at a very reasonable price. Flexibility is what helps us to grow and to deliver high quality parts time after time. From single custom-made parts to high cavitation, over-molding, unscrewing tools, we are always ready to cater to your production needs.

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Richfields Plastic Injection Molding in China

About Us
Injection Molding Company China

Richfields Corporation was founded in 2001 between several private investment groups from Hong Kong along with individuals with decades of manufacturing experience in China. The majority of the company is now held by a private investment group out in Hong Kong.

Richfields focus has consistently been customer service and providing its customers the best response times coupled with quality products. Initially founded as an injection molder, in 2004 Richfields began producing molds in China for its clients internationally. Richfields currently produces in excess of 300 molds per year primarily for export, or to be run at its China facility.

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PDMEX 2019

Richfields was a part of the successful PDMEX 2019 event, showcasing their services to potential partners and clientele. Know more about Richfields, along with its products and services, by clicking here.

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