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Advantages of Using Gas-Assisted Plastic Injection Molding

By Carter Kho

What are the advantages of using gas-assisted plastic injection molding?

  1. Create lighter products
  2. Use less plastic material
  3. Faster cycle time
  4. Diverse designs
  5. Improve plastic strength


The plastic injection molding process has become one of the standard manufacturing methods used by various companies and industries across the world. It is one of the most efficient and effective processes for mass-production. It has the ability to produce massive quantities of high-quality products in a short period of time.

The standard process of plastic injection molding involves injecting molten plastic into molds to create a diverse range of products. There are also other plastic manufacturing methods that help improve product quality and design. One of these processes is gas-assisted plastic injection, which is a widely-used method used to manufacture products. It reduced the amount of plastic needed and increased durability.


What is gas-assisted plastic injection molding?

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Compared to your standard plastic injection molding process where only molten plastic is injected into the mold, gas-assisted injection molding involves the use of nitrogen gas. This allows the plastic to move farther into the mold to create a thicker surface while leaving a hollow space within the part. This process is used for both small and large products and is used to create light and durable materials without sacrificing design and quality.


What are the advantages of gas-assisted injection molding?

Gas-assisted plastic injection molding has become a more widespread plastic manufacturing process due to the advantages that it offers over conventional plastic injection molding processes. From reducing the amount of plastic to creating a wide range of designs, here are some of the advantages of gas-assisted plastic injection molding.


Create lighter products

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When it comes to reducing the weight of plastic products, gas-assisted plastic injection molding is the best process to use. Gas-assisted manufacturing allows you to reduce the overall weight of the product by a certain percentage, which reduces the bulk of the final product. The nitrogen gas leaves a hollow space within the plastic part, thus reducing the weight of the product by a significant amount. This is one of the main reasons why this process is used to create products like plastic furniture, toys, as well as automotive parts and accessories.


Use less plastic material

Along with being able to produce lightweight products, gas-assisted plastic injection is also a process that uses less plastic material compared to other processes. This allows manufacturers to maximize plastic while reducing the amount of plastic waste. This also reduces the cost of the product itself, making it more affordable to produce and helping companies save more on overall manufacturing costs. Gas-assisted plastic injection molding is not only efficient, but it is also one of the most cost-effective processes around.


Faster cycle time

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The use of less material not only means that production would be cheaper, but it also makes the production time much faster. Gas-assisted plastic injection molding allows you to produce products at a much faster rate. Less production time means that these products can be distributed at a much faster rate, making the overall process more efficient compared to other methods.


Diverse designs

Gas-assisted plastic injection molding provides manufacturers with a wider range of design choices that help create more diverse products. It allows for more flexibility in your designs, which means that manufacturing companies can make use of various shapes when creating new products.

Other than having a wide range of design choices, gas-assisted plastic injection molding also helps create smoother and cleaner plastic surfaces. This helps create products that have aesthetic appeal. This also improves the overall quality of the products, reducing issues such as warping, sinks, and swirling that can appear on the plastic surface.


Improve plastic strength

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One of the biggest advantages of using gas-assisted plastic injection molding is that the process helps create more durable products. With the nitrogen gas pushing the plastic on the walls of the mold, it creates thicker surfaces that are more resistant to heavy impact. This also makes the plastic more resistant to other elements such as cracking, scratches, and even high temperatures.

This makes the gas-assisted molding process an effective method to create strong plastic products like automotive parts, sports equipment, medical prosthetics, and even certain types of safety equipment. Durability is one of the top qualities of plastic, which is why gas-assisted plastic injection molding is one of the best manufacturing methods to use.


Key Takeaway

Plastic manufacturing is known for its ability to create durable and high-quality products in a short amount of time. Gas-assisted plastic injection molding is an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process that enables you to create a wide range of products while maximizing your resources.