5 Common Plastic Products at Home and How We Use Them

5 Common Plastic Products at Home and How We Use Them

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What are the common plastic products at home and how do we use them?

  1. Bottles and food containers
  2. Cleaning solutions and soap containers
  3. Flooring and pipes
  4. Plastic bags
  5. Outdoor furniture


  • Bottles and food containers accumulate during birthdays and family gatherings.
  • HDPE plastic is used to contain strong chemicals for cleaning and hygiene products.
  • PVC flooring and pipes are affordable and durable construction materials.
  • Plastic bags are a resourceful item that can be used for many things at home.
  • Outdoor furniture and car parts are often made from materials that can resist high temperatures.

The plastic manufacturing industry has made an impact on many industries. They are necessities for medical, automotive, and construction areas with products like syringes, car bumpers, and building tools. Yet, one of the areas where you can personally see their influence is at home.

Plastic mold makers create household products for a wide range of purposes. From storage, food preservation, cleaning, and more, we look to explore common plastic products at home and how we use them in our daily lives.

Bottles and Food Containers

Bottles and food containers are the usual plastic products we use at home. They are found in the kitchen through soft drink bottles, juice bottles, water bottles, and take-out food. These items are used to store beverages and food conveniently. We see a huge amount of them during parties like birthdays and family reunions. Apart from these occasions, they can be used for meal prepping and portion control strategies.

They are often made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE). It is a food and drink-safe plastic. It prevents oxygen from coming in, spoiling the product inside. They are commercially distributed, lightweight, shatter-resistant, and recyclable materials.

Cleaning Solutions and Soap Containers

Cleaning solutions and soap containers


Cleaning solutions and soap are important products in every household since they keep our home hygienic. These items are a grocery essential to maintain the health of the residents. They are usually filled with chemicals such as hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

When substances are filled with these kinds of solutions, it is best to use a material that can contain them. HDPE is considered to be ideal since it is moisture-resistant and easily tolerates harsh chemicals.

Flooring and Pipes

Construction is one of the industries that benefit from plastic injection molding. Through products like flooring and piping solutions, plastic products have made innovative products for clients, contractors, and designers. Manufacturing these materials allows for more convenient and affordable solutions.

Flooring and piping are important details in a residence. They are essential items to improve comfort, aesthetics, water distribution, and waste removal at home—which is why many contractors choose flooring and piping items made from durable materials.

One of which is using Polyvinyl Chloride material for construction resources. They are known to be chemical, impact, and rust-resistant which can positively impact the durability and longevity of households.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags

Another common plastic product found at home is plastic bags. They are usually purchased for trash bags, ice-making, and sandwich baggies. They can also be collected through take-out food, grocery trips, and other shopping trips since they are used often in the retail industry.

Plastic bags are also versatile items that can be used as storage for old clothes, wet bags for used swimsuits, shoe bags when packing, and more.

These items are often made with one of the polyethylene types called Low-Density Polyethylene. It is more pliable than HDPE which makes them softer, clearer, and more flexible. It is a non-reactive material that can withstand high temperatures but not as high as its HDPE counterpart.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is an excellent investment when you want to maximize the use of your spaces. They are ideal to put on the patio, backyard, garden, balcony, and porches. They are designed and meant to withstand weather and climate changes. That is why they are often made with wood, metal, or rattan materials which are expensive.

Furniture pieces made with plastic material are often an alternative. They are created with Polypropylene material. It is one of the most durable plastic types since it can perform well even in high temperatures, making it ideal for extensive sun exposure.

They can also retain their shape for a long time, ensuring the longevity of your furniture investment. These features also make PP one of the plastic types used in the automotive industry.

Key Takeaway

Learning about the common plastic products at home and how we use them is important. It makes us comprehend the versatility of this material. It also enables us to understand just how big the impact of the plastic industry is in convenience, functionality, and efficiency.

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