Benefits of Using Large-Size Molding in the USA

Benefits of Using Large-Size Molding in the USA

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What are the benefits of using large-size molding in the USA?

  1. It produces less plastic waste or scrap materials
  2. It can combine two different materials together
  3. It produces high-volume products
  4. It allows you to create different product designs
  5. It provides an attractive surface finish to the products

Large-size molding is an essential process in the manufacturing industry that involves creating objects of varying shapes and sizes by injecting molten material into a mold. The process can be used to create a wide range of objects, including automotive parts, medical equipment, toys, and household items, among others.

In the United States, companies rely on plastic injection molding in China for their large-size products so that they are created with high standards. In this article, we’ll explore some of the benefits of using large-size molding in the USA.

It Produces Less Plastic Waste or Scrap Materials

It Produces Less Plastic Waste or Scrap Materials

Although many companies in the USA are using plastic injection molding within or outside of the country for their large-sized products, some are still incorporating CNC machining, a manufacturing process in which solid plastic is placed against a moving cutting tool.

The cutting tool follows a set of tool paths, guided by a digital design file to shape the final part of the plastic product. However, CNC machining produces more plastic waste or scrap materials.

On the other hand, injection tooling mold inevitably generates waste, but plastic injection molding is a more environmentally-conscious choice compared to other molding styles like CNC machining. This is because plastic injection molding produces less waste or scrap material once the cycle is completed. This reduction in waste is why US companies prefer using plastic injection molding from countries like China over other options.

It Can Combine Two Different Materials Together

According to research, the consumer electronics market in the USA is expected to grow annually by 1.18%. That’s because the USA is a good manufacturer of consumer electronic goods that many people are using to make their daily lives easier.

Plastic injection molding has gained widespread usage in the USA, particularly in the production of various consumer electronic goods such as computer parts, televisions, audio equipment, gaming consoles, and more.

The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that these products require the combination of two different materials, often plastic and metal, which can only be accomplished through plastic injection molding. This manufacturing process enables the production of durable, precise, and consistently shaped products, making it an ideal choice for the electronics industry.

It Produces High-Volume Products

It Produces High-Volume Products

Although large-size injection molding requires larger machines and a greater volume of plastic resins, there’s no denying that it can produce high-volume production. That’s why US companies that are in need of high-volume products in a moderate time period prefer injection molding over other molding techniques.

Richfields, a China-based plastic injection company, offers 100% injection molding for various sizes of plastic components. We have 3300-ton injection machines that can accommodate up to 11kg by weight of injected parts, with dimensions of 1.5 meters by 2 meters.

It Allows You to Create Different Product Designs

Almost any kind of large-size design can be possible through plastic injection molding. Aside from consumer electronic goods, large-size injection molding can also be useful for designing hardware tools. For instance, HVAC parts, plumbing components, electrical conduits, and many more can be processed using injection molding. Richfields also makes large size parts for plastic pallets, solar panel racks, plastic flooring, large size battery holder, solar battery casing, and a lot of large size new energy products that require casing for its particular product.

Additionally, the automotive industry in the USA is taking advantage of large-size molding to mold grills, hoods, door covers, etc. since these require different designs and plastic injection molding can help achieve their desired designs.

This is beneficial for industries in the USA that produce plastic products with complex designs.

It Provides an Attractive Surface Finish to the Products

As mentioned in our previous blog posts, injection-molded parts in China rarely have to undergo further processing and other secondary manufacturing techniques. That’s because injection molding takes place in a highly-controlled environment in the machine.

The temperature, pressure, clamping unit, and tooling die that plastic injection molding holds are consistently inspected by the engineers to ensure that no defects will be produced upon completion of the process.

For this reason, products have a good surface finish. That’s why US companies don’t have to worry that their Chinese-made molded plastic products might turn out to be bumped, defective, or rough upon receiving them at their site.

Key Takeaway

There are several benefits of using large-size molding in the USA. As discussed above, this process produces less plastic waste, which is a cost-effective solution especially during high-volume production.

If you’re looking for a plastic injection molding company that offers full-service in the USA, look no further than Richfields. We have all the tooling machines in China that we use to produce a range of large-sized products that can be exported to the USA.

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