Top 5 Military Uses Of Plastic Injection Molding

Top 5 Military Uses of Plastic Injection Molding

By Carter Kho

What are the top uses of plastic injection molding in the military?

  1. Water Containers
  2. Flashlight and Scopes
  3. Headsets and Radios
  4. Hooks and Fasteners
  5. Combat Helmets


Life in the military is full of unexpected rough encounters in possibly harsh environments. In order to aid the officers, military equipment must be made of durable and corrosion-resistant material such as plastic. The process of Plastic Injection Molding in China is highly utilized to create specially-designed military containers, fasteners, and communication devices.

This various military equipment must be able to continue functioning no matter what type of environment they may be exposed to a forest, the desert, or maybe under extreme weather conditions such as a rainstorm in a muddy area. The corrosion-resistant, durability, and lightweight properties created through plastic injection molding make it ideal for the creation of military equipment.


Want to learn about common military items created through plastic injection molding? Read on!


Water Containers

Water Container

Military-grade plastic created through plastic injection molding is ideal for canteens and water containers for the military mainly because of its durability and lightweight properties. Some military bases do not have a steady source of water, requiring them to fill up plastic gallons that they place in storage. Plastic is the main material used for military water gallons because they can hold large volumes of water and are lightweight enough for military personnel to carry. It can also be reused several times without corroding.

Besides creating durable equipment, plastic injection molding also makes use of plastic to protect delicate electrical components inside military devices. Such equipment includes flashlights and scopes.


Flashlight and Scopes

Both flashlights and scopes are crucial in the military as it can help soldiers better see their surroundings. As soldiers carry heavy loads of equipment with them at all times, they will need lightweight tactical flashlights and military scopes. This will give them an easier time exploring and observing their surroundings. The plastic components also protect the electrical components within flashlights and scopes to ensure that it will retain its function even under heavy rainfall. These two pieces of equipment come in a variety of sizes that can be used on and off the field.

Similar to flashlights and scopes, headsets and other communication devices are also made of delicate circuits that need to be protected by a plastic covering at all times. These protective layers are carefully created through plastic injection molding’s automated technology.


Headsets and Radios

Headset And Radios

Plastic tactical headsets and radios must be made with the utmost accuracy. It is crucial in the military to be able to communicate with other soldiers across a wide distance. With plastic injection molding’s automated technology, uniform parts are created and assembled as precisely as needed. The end products are durable and reliable communication devices that are used by military personnel across a variety of branches.

Besides uniformity, plastic injection molding also highly values efficiency. This process can create large batches of military equipment in a shorter period.


Hooks and Fasteners

Hooks and fasteners are used in the military for many reasons. One such reason is to hold the weight of military bags and shoulder straps. The high-strength and resistance of plastic snap-hooks make them highly capable of holding up to a large amount of weight. Imagine how many soldiers there are in the military, that is how many plastic hooks and fasteners they must have in supply at all times. Plastic injection molding has the ability to create large batches of plastic hooks and fasteners in a short amount of time. This high volume manufacturing can keep up with the constant demand from the military.

Plastic injection can further strengthen a piece of equipment by combining different types of plastics with different designs. These can be seen in the variety of combat helmets across many countries.


Combat Helmets

Combat Helmets

Each country’s military has their own specialty combat helmets. Some of these countries make use of helmets created through plastic injection molding. Perhaps these are one of the most ideal examples of what plastic injection molding can do. Not only are these helmets incredibly durable against ballistics, but it is also extremely lightweight enough for soldiers to move around easily. This is because manufacturers make use of the strongest types of plastic to make helmets, especially for combat.

These are just some of the military-grade products commonly made through plastic injection molding.


Key Takeaway

The customizability of Plastic Injection Molding in China is able to craft specially-designed military equipment. The creation of these pieces of equipment must be as precise as possible as they are constantly used to accomplish important tasks such as tactical sweeps and communication. The high-pressure used in plastic injection molding strengthens the plastic enough to carry a number of heavy loads while maintaining its lightweight properties. Due to this, plastic products are able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as constant use out on the field.

Avail of products from professional plastic injection molding companies in order to own a durable, military-grade piece of equipment.