How Does Precision Molding Work?

How Does Precision Molding Work?

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If you have a business and are in need of a plastic part that is molded with precision, you will require a technique such as precision molding. Compared to typical injection molding manufacturing, it is suitable for more complex geometries. There are also various benefits of precision injection moldings, including complex designs, cost-effectiveness, and efficient production. If you want to learn about how precision molding works, continue reading on! 

What Is Precision Molding? 

Precision molding involves molding silicon or plastic in a specific way, in such a manner that a high degree of accuracy and tolerance are present. This ensures repeatability in long machine runs. 

Precision plastic injection molding involves a highly technical process that requires the use of specialized molds and injection molding machines. Compared to traditional injection molding methods, it can be used for more complex geometries. Precision plastic injection molding is used for making complex plastic parts and products. 

Precision plastic injection molding is mainly used to create complex plastic parts and products that can replace high-precision metal parts. This molding process can create various products. Some examples are plastic optic lenses, surgical devices, hearing aid, fuel injection connectors, and many more. 

Precision injection molding is often used in specialized industries, including automotive, information technology, and pharmaceuticals. 

Benefits Of Precision Injection Molding

Benefits Of Precision Injection Molding

There are various benefits to choosing precision injection molding. It’s suitable when a project requires parts for a highly technical application that will undergo a high volume of production. 

  • Complex Designs: Precision injection molding offers the high level of detail needed for a technical application. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: Precision injection molding provides automation and repeatability that can help increase productivity and reduce labor costs. 
  • Efficiency: Compared to traditional molding methods, precision injection molding allows more parts to be made from just one mold, improving efficiency. 

How Does Precision Molding Work?

The process of precision molding is slow and steady, so it requires time and focus. In a precision molding project, every piece developed should be identified, as they will be attached identically. The process is part-specific, and each project will be unique. But to ensure success, many things are considered — including tooling, part design, selection of material, and procedure. The precision injection molding machine used will control the accuracy and repeatability, using high pressure to improve precision. 

The entire process of precision molding is automated and done with the use of a computer. This ensures a smooth and customized production. 

Factors To Consider In Precision Molding

There are several variables that must be considered in precision molding in order to ensure success:

  • Quality Of Molds: Precision injection molds require accurate design and testing, and there are plenty of things to consider during the manufacturing process. This includes the mold cavity size, choice of materials, dimensional tolerance, and many others. Other than these, consistent control of the temperature of the mold is also crucial. 
  • Plastic Material: Depending on the kind of plastic, physico-chemical characteristics will vary. 
  • Molding Machine: To achieve good results, the accuracy of the precision molding machine is important. 

Choosing A Company For Precision Molding

Choosing a precision molding company is an important consideration because it requires experience and skills. Because this process depends on many variables, a reliable partner is a must. The injection molder will help you create the right mold design and conditions, so you can achieve your requirements, and produce high-quality parts that are consistent and reliable!

This is where Richfields can help you. With decades of experience as an injection molding company, you can put your trust when it comes to your precision plastic injection molding project. Richfields offers comprehensive support —- from technical, engineering, and creative expertise. The Richfields team will work with you to meet your requirements, so you can receive the perfect mold for the job. 

Key Takeaway

Precision molding is a highly technical process that requires the use of specialized molds and injection molding machines. It is used to create complex plastic parts and products, which are often used in various industries — including automotive, information technology, and pharmaceuticals. Now that you know how precision molding works, the next step is to choose a reliable partner!

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