3 Technological Advances In China Injection Molding

3 Technological Advances In China Injection Molding

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What are the technological advances in China injection molding today?

  1. Upgrades in automation and connectivity
  2. Advanced and pressurized gas assistance
  3. Technology efforts are focused on sustainability

Different industries can reap the benefits of the technological advancements of China injection molding for manufacturing their plastic products to help them get the better precision, control, and adaptability of finished products they need.

In addition, using these advancements can give you a competitive edge over others in the business. So, continue reading this blog post as we discuss the technological advances that you can enjoy in China injection molding.

Upgrades in automation and connectivity

Upgrades in automation and connectivity

Richfields, the leading China injection molding company, takes advantage of high-tech equipment to help bring a better level of automation and connectivity to the industries that rely on plastic injection molding procedures. It helps us to meet our customers’ standards better. What’s more, is that it also helps them and us to increase the production savings that benefit both parties.

These are some advanced equipment that we use:

Automated robotic unloaders

The stacking and unloading process in plastic injection molding requires the use of automated robotic unloaders to enhance efficiency and maintain the quality of plastic parts. These advanced unloaders have high speed and efficiency, which streamlines the manufacturing process, increases productivity and reduces defects.

High-quality hybrid molding machine

An advanced, high-quality hybrid molding machine also helps to improve our operations. Not only does it reduce our energy expenses, but it can also offer us a higher level of plastic precision molding and accommodates larger plastic parts, which helps us have more efficient and faster production for our clients.

Advanced and pressurized gas assistance

Advanced and pressurized gas assistance

In injection molding, nitrogen is commonly used to assist in the injection of molten plastics into complex mold shapes that an injection molding machine may have difficulty filling completely. That’s why there are different ways to inject nitrogen into the mold. It can be directly injected into the mold cavity or through a nozzle to assist the plastic into difficult parts.

Today, advanced pressurized gas assistance allows the plastic injection molding process to be more efficient and effective, which allows more room for complex designs and shapes to be formed with little to no waste.

Technology efforts are focused on sustainability

Due to the growing concern for the environment, it’s important to make every production process of plastic molding to be environmentally-friendly and sustainable to help contribute to preservation.

At Richfields, we are dedicated to implementing green practices in our manufacturing process. Even though there’s a challenge for sustainability as technology advances, our team is dedicated to making our plastic injection molding eco-friendly.

Here are some of the advanced options that increase the sustainability levels of the plastic injection molding process in China.

Energy-efficiency improvements

With the help of technological advancement in the manufacturing of injection molding in China, it allows different industries to optimize their operations in a way that would improve their energy consumption. It includes major energy-efficient improvements, such as reducing the use of energy at times of highest demand, and by also switching to energy-saving lights.

Toxin-free materials

Our plastic materials are toxin-free because we want to ensure that different industries can take advantage of them, especially the pharmaceutical and food industry. You’re guaranteed that our plastics are FDA-approved and have no toxic substances, such as VOCs.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, it’s understood that the China injection molding industry is continuously growing and evolving. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the injection molding process is more efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

In addition, the need for new materials and automation technologies also improves the quality of plastic molded products. If you’re looking for the best injection molding company in China, reach out to Richfields today!

We offer high-quality and affordable injection molding products and services. You may also read our other blogs here to learn more about how plastic injection molding works and why it’s beneficial for your future projects.